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Great quote from Woodson

February 7, 2011

Read here for info on Woodson’s halftime speech. (Actually, it’s not much info but…) His best line when reflecting on the speech he gave?

“I don’t think I’ve cried that much since I was a kid”.

Happy for Charles Woodson today.

Game Thoughts Packers/Steelers

February 6, 2011
  • Unreal! Best football team in the world. Hard to believe, but not really.
  • Rodgers was pretty solid. As usual, he was better in the first half. But his drive at the end there was pretty good. Pretty damn good.
  • James Harrison and Troy Polamalu were unbelievably non-existent. Troy Polamalu had 3 tackles and absolutely nothing else. In fact, he really blew an his assignment on Jennings for that TD. James Harrison had 1 sack – and that’s it. Absolutely nothing else. The credit for this goes to Mike McCarthy. Setting up a game plan to steer clear of a defense’s 2 best players like McCarthy did tonight is really amazing. That’s a good reason why our offense put up 24 points.
  • I thought Jordy Nelson would have a big game. Interestingly, both Brother Steve and I figured Nelson would be the dude tonight. Steve called it on the Dennis Miller show and I called it here – both independently because neither of us pay any attention to what the other is doing/saying. Nice.
  • Anyone else shocked that Mike Wallace went for 9 catches and 89 yards, 1 TD? He really had a nice game in the end – making several nice catches against Tramon.
  • Matthews had a few big plays. The blocked pass and the forced fumble were huge. In fact, it is just plain rare to see a RB making his first move only to fumble. That was a huge hit by Matthews and just a great play.
  • I was wrong about Desmond Bishop being the MVP. But he was good tonight. He had a few monster hits and some nice tackles.
  • James Starks was really good actually despite the limited action. I was going nuts in the second half wanting more run plays because Pitt just plain stopped playing the run. They rushed 4-5 guys every play and dropped everyone else into the passing lanes. Defense became so easy for Pitt during the 3rd quarter. But just at the right time, McCarthy called a couple run plays and Starks had a huge run on one of them.
  • Pleased with McCarthy’s play-calling tonight.
  • Pleased with McCarthy over all. He caught a lot of crap from lots of fans and others over this year. He has more than answered the call – he has been a different coach since the Detroit loss. He led this team forcefully through the end of this season. He was absolutely fantastic down the stretch.
  • Pleased with Ted Thompson. Yes, I was one of the people saying he wasn’t doing enough. And amazingly, I still think there were a couple of moves that might have helped. But after winning the Super Bowl, it’s awfully difficult to argue with his management of this team. His pick-up of Howard Green goes down as, I don’t know, ridiculous. It made a huge difference in the way our defense finished this season. Not only did Green add depth, but he also added a dimension to our defense that wasn’t there before. He was good tonight too – he caused the first Big Ben pick pretty much by himself.
  • Jarrett Bush was very good tonight. He put pressure on Roeth several times but his pick was really, really good. He pushed his way right into the passing lane on that pass, when Shields already had tight coverage and he just ripped the ball away. That was a key moment.
  • I’m glad Pitt decided to shy away from the run when down later in the second half. They were starting to run at will (in part because we insisted on doing the 5 DB thing) but then they got behind and started throwing. They had some success throwing too, but I think the loss of Emmanuel Sanders may have quietly limited their game plan.
  • Atari Bigby being interviewed right now by Dan Needles. He has huge sunglasses on because chances are huge that he’s stoned right now. Bigby was just asked how he’s going to celebrate tonight and his gut response, the words that came out first were “oh…wow….”. His way of saying “tons, and tons of weed”.
  • I do think Roethlisberger had real trouble with Capers’ game plan in the first half. He drew up a really nice plan and it wasn’t until we lost practically our entire secondary that Pitt was able to crack through with that late 1st half TD.
  • I’m just so proud of this team. We stuck with it. We didn’t fall into conservative mode. We kept going with what worked.
  • You all better be partying hard right now. I’ve done my part with many beers, sitting on the left side of my couch, etc. Fantastic season and a huge thank you to all who read us. I really enjoy doing this and the main reason I enjoy it is because our readers are so knowledgeable, fun, funny and interesting. Thanks again readers!

Absolutely fantastic!

February 6, 2011

I can’t believe it. We deserve it – there is no question we deserved that game and a Super Bowl. Packer fans have been through a lot over the last few years and if anyone deserved it, it’s the fans of these awesome Green Bay Packers.


February 6, 2011

Come on defense

February 6, 2011

I can’t really accuse McCarthy of playing it too conservatively there. We gave ourselves a good chance to score. Now it’s up to the defense.

Finally – we’re running it here

February 6, 2011

Pitt had been dropping back into the passing lanes making running plays wide open. Finally.

Great play by Jennings there

February 6, 2011

Fantastic. Fantastic.

This is the most critical set of play calls of the year

February 6, 2011

McCarthy needs to mix it up here. He has gone exclusively to the pass lately. I want Aaron Rodgers to get out and run with the ball. On broken plays, he should have room. Pitt has consistently been bringing 4-5 guys, but really doesn’t seem like much more than that. We need to spread it out and mix it up here.

Ok Aaron – this is why you get the big bucks

February 6, 2011

Great play call on 3rd and 3 there by Pitt. That was borrowed, frankly, from the Mike McCarthy book of plays.

Great play there -fantastic

February 6, 2011

Huge drive. Absolutely huge. What a great finishing play. And the shock of it all? Polamalu responsible for that coverage. Nice.