Great video from NFL at the Super Bowl


Awesome. Click here.

17 Responses to “Great video from NFL at the Super Bowl”

  1. Nick Says:

    You can also buy the entire Super Bowl XLV broadcast on itunes for $2.99.

    Pretty sweet.

  2. Travis Says:

    It was not long ago, when the Packers finally did it. And to see it again, watch the moment and to see players like Jennings so happy is awesome. That was such a special time for these players, they did it.

    It’s going to be looked back on as a magnificent season. We had been predicted as the champs going into the season. And then the wheels fell off. Player after player going down, and a team that looked as if they would be so dominant, didn’t look like they were. We never got blown out, but didn’t look like the team that could go all the way.

    And as Andy has stated all year, since Detroit, everything turned around. This team was ready, to finally make the push and get us to the end. And they did it. I know when we look back in years to come on this superbowl, people are going to say wow. Videos like that, are going to be legendary.

    And it’s not over. I know it’s so hard to win the game. But we have so much talent. And we have a team of amazing people, amazing players.

    This could just really be the beginning.

  3. Joe Says:

    Not gonna lie – I just teared up a bit …

  4. Nick Says:

    Its pretty impressive to think about the six teams we beat to win the Super Bowl.

    NY Giants (10-6)
    Chicago Bears (11-5)
    Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)
    Atlanta Falcons (13-3)
    Chicago Bears (11-5)
    Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)

    Now, think once again – 5 of those six games were on the road.

    Cripes. It doesnt get much better than that.

  5. Susannah Tuttle Says:

    This is so ridiculously awesome. Seriously, I started crying! Amazing to relive the moment from the field perspective!

  6. RayMidge Says:

    After seeing the video of Kevin Greene I get the feeling that he will quickly become a sought-after Def. Coord. candidate around the league (and maybe a HC after that).

  7. Travis Says:

    In terms of a lot of our coaches, who have shown they may be capable of carrying a bigger load (HC, D/O Coordinator and stuff), I hope to god none of that happens.

    Especially the key coaches. Capers, Greene.. both are huge for this team. They’re building chemistry. So I hope we can move forward with them and keep this going and continue to build on what we have. I know these coaches are people too, and they want to further themselves in the game.. But I do think they love it here, and maybe, enough to say, I’d rather stay.

    And if that happens, there is a good chance they’ll be part of a couple more superbowls!

    • Nick Says:

      The thing that helps with that is the CBA. Because position coaches wouldnt be able to access players until very late, I would assume many teams will stay status quo – unless the need is so great that they feel a mere weeks with one coach will be better than many previous months with the incumbent.

      so – I’m hoping we get at least one more year with the bulk of these coaches….

  8. Nick Says:

    Who are you guys thinking for the draft in April? I realize its early – but gotta think about repeating!

    For me, ideally we would grab someone at OT or DE with our first pick. With Cullen potentially gone, we need to shore that up and build depth on D. Also, our O line is getting old, so some young blood would be nice.

    For rounds outside of the first – some depth at CB would be great. Woodson is getting older, and with the option to push him to safety we need more coverage depth at CB. We got exposed after he was hurt in the SB, as Bush and Lee are not the answers there. We’re not going to grab Asomugha – it just doesnt make sense with the contracts the Packers have coming up (Jermichael, Jordy, others next year); so the draft would be a logical place to do it – especially for TT.

    Last, surprisingly, I think we grab a QB in late rounds. Flynn could be a HUGE value on the trade market – and if we deal him, we dont have much depth at QB and Arodg can be prone to consussion. But, if flynn stays, then I’d probably grab a speedy receiver/return guy to roll the dice to find a poor mans Devin Hester type guy.

  9. 56Coop Says:

    IF Jolly gets reinstated do you think the Pack brings him back? Especially if they lose Jenkins….

    • Nick Says:

      Yeah I think so. TT went out of his way at the beginning of the season to say he liked Jolly and wished him luck. However, I think if the NFL imposes any other penalty (like more games suspension) – hes gone. Not worth a fraction of the season.

  10. 56Coop Says:

    BTW, they have all 4 parts of this SFX at

  11. footballrulz Says:

    I saw at that they shuffled a few asst. coaches. One move baffles me, Edgar Bennett is now the receivers coach! I just don’t get that but hey, I’m not going to doubt that they know what they’re doing.

  12. Tom Freeman Says:

    I love this stuff. I am glad that the NFL Films founder made the Hall of Fame, because he is ultimately responsible for this kind of film and sound work that gives us a different perspective on the game. It gives us an ear on the sideline that we would never have otherwise. Kevin Greene talking to Matthews about stepping up, Greg Jennings talking about seam and corner routes. And then we watch the results of those discussions. And nothing compares with listening to Jennings cheering on the defense during the game and then going nuts afterwards. If I didn’t love the guy before I would love him based on that audio alone.

    I ended up recording about 14 hours of stuff on the Super Bowl. Pregame, game, post-game, Sound FX, Inside the NFL, SB NFL Network version, SB XLV half-hour recap, etc. I just couldn’t get enough of it.

  13. christo Says:

    Will someone alert me to the obvious? After Jenning’s “seam and corner routes” talk on the side lines, did they IN FACT use his insight successfully on successive plays? It’s very difficult for me to watch this at work, so I’d love to know the answer.

    Also: I don’t think Bishop received enough credit for how well he picked up the Mendenhall strip: this video shows just how quickly things move and man, as good as Clay’s/Pickett’s contributions were, his quick pick up of that ball has not rec’d enough praise in my opinion.

  14. Nick Says:

    Aj hawk, Donald lee, and derrick martin released. Lee and Martin i get – but hawk played well this year. I would’ve rather seen them renegotiate that contract.

    But I’ll trust tt. Well see how it plays out!

  15. travis Says:

    I have a strong feeling Hawk will be back. This move I feel was in case a CBA does get reached very soon putting Packers in a position they don’t want.

    If they are cutting him so that contract is done, and plan to give him a deal more reasonable, it makes sense. It also sounds like they plan to bring him back realistically. I think Hawk prefers to stay, and he probably understands the Packers were not going to give him that kind of money.

    Christo I like your points. One jennings did say the corner was wide open. Nobody there. He ran it, rodgers threw it, and he was wide open for six. Its not the first time players do that, they point things out like that all the time, its cool to see it on that video though.

    In terms of Bishop I couldn’t agree more. I noticed watching the replays etc and seeing it all the time that it was a fantastic pickup by Bishop. Fumbles are nice, but that’s only part of the play, someone needs to finish it and recover the ball… And bishop did a marvelous job. Bishop will be an outstanding player for the Packers for years to come.. And one of the leaders on the defence in the future. I love the kid, and he’s got a bright future here in green bay that I’m excited for!

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