Bob Sanders just cut by Colts


Interesting. I realize there are many barriers to making a move now for a guy like this and many legit reasons we might not want to do it – but it’s also at least interesting to consider a line-up with Bob Sanders at strong safety and Nick Collins at free safety. Throw in Woodson, Tramon, Bishop, Matthews, Raji, Pickett etc –  and offenses would opt to punt on 1st down. There would be no point.

Of course this won’t happen because TT/MM don’t like injury-prone guys (except Justin Harrell) and Sanders would come with a guarantee that he’d be injured at some point in the season. Because of his injuries, he is very unreliable. (Of course, when healthy, he’s quite reliable.) Also, he will probably still command a decent salary and frankly, Charlie Peprah looked pretty good as the fill-in safety on a Super Bowl winning team. And, we have Morgan Burnett coming back as well.

Still, I always enjoy taking at least a brief moment to consider cool player combos like Nick Collins next to Bob Sanders.

10 Responses to “Bob Sanders just cut by Colts”

  1. Nick Says:

    I actually just saw this and came here to post……ya beat me to it.

    I dont think its a bad idea at all. He wont command a big salary at all because of his injuries, and he definitely would be a backup to Peprah. If it were me, I would sign him and have Collins and Peprah start, Burnett, Sanders, and Bigby as alternates. That may be too many safeties though…..

    What are we going to do about the franchise tag though? I would like to tag Cullen – hes a bigger disruptor than he gets credit for, and the D Line would strugle without his snaps. But for between $11-13MM thats a big price to pay.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Saw a comment over on PFT that he will now have “a chip on his shoulder”. My immediate reaction was: “Well, the good news is the x-rays are negative, and he expects to be able to play through the pain.”

    Dang. Just looked at his page over at He’s never played 16 games in a season, and only twice played more than 6. It doesn’t matter how good he is when he’s not healthy enough to get on the field.


  3. travis Says:

    So guys I think its time to be thinking about what were going to do in the draft. We are pretty stacked everywhere.. What positions should we look at.

    I think we may get another WR but after what Jordy did, we might not need to.

    Last year CB was a big one, and we decided to pass on that. Good thing, we still got woodson along with tramon and Shields. But with that, if there is a good one around.. We should get em. And I wonder how cheap cromartie will be, but I have a feeling he won’t be.

    Also have heard its great year for DE in late part of first round. Something we could use. That or a OLB that we can put opposite Clay. This is something Ted should break the bank for because:

    Clay on one side, another good pass rusher, and Ragi in middle. With our secondary…. I’d be drooling for this to happen..

    What’s everyone else think we should do??

  4. Dave K Says:

    What ever TT does I agree with at this point!!

  5. Josh Says:

    I agree with Dave K. I hope that we draft or sign either a WR or a DB with return ability, but I’m very content to let TT sit back and do his work.

  6. Joe Says:

    Say no to Bod Sanders. The risk of an injury is too high to justify any cost above free.

  7. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    cromartie (or rather, his agent) will push for the biggest salary possible because of his child support payments for his 342 children from 329.4 1.18-night stands with 288 different women.

    the dude had to get an advance on his paycheck from the jets last year.

    anyone making millions of dollars per year who has to ask their boss for an advance so they can cover court costs = not worthy to wear the packer uniform. he’ll be out of the league in 4 years, bankrupt in 4 years and 3 days, and probably in prison in 4 years and 38 days.

    my guess — burnett will be the DEFINITION of hungry next year. imagine starting out a promising rookie year, getting hurt, and watching your team win the superbowl. if shields keeps it up and can even approximate a shut-down corner (like tramon was this year), we could have the best secondary fans could imagine — two ballhawking, hard hitting safeties, two near-shutdown corners, and oh yeah … charles woodson running around with a license to kill, and intercept, and force fumbles, and sack.

    good god.

  8. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    seriously, the more i think about it, the more i think we just need another big body up front — jenkins may be gone. pickett is getting older.

    brad jones is coming back, was decent at getting to the qb if i remember — we need to shore up our run defense. if everyone’s healthy, teams might as well just let their qb and wr’s sit and run goalline offense against us all day.

  9. CindyV Says:

    This from Pro Football Talk:

    The Green Bay Packers would seem like an odd landing point for free agent Nnamdi Asomugha, as cornerback is not a position of need for the defending champions.

    But Charles Woodson likes the idea of having Asomugha as a teammate so much that he told he’d move to safety to make it happen.

    “If I talked to [defensive coordinator Dom Capers] and he thought that was the best thing for us to win another championship I would do it,” Woodson said. “This thing is about winning. If this would have been my fifth year in the league I probably would have told you hell no but at this point if that was going to get me another championship why wouldn’t I?”

    Woodson and Asomugha were teammates in Oakland and remain friends, but Woodson said it’s not his place to encourage Asomugha to come to Green Bay.

    “I’m not doing any recruiting,” Woodson said. “We’ve texted a few times about winning a Super Bowl. Nothing really about his future I don’t know what’s going on about him and Oakland or anything else.”

    Woodson also discussed the broken collarbone he suffered in the Super Bowl, saying he expects it to heal without surgery in 6-8 weeks. And he said he believes that he’d be a Pro Football Hall of Famer if he retires today.

    “If I’m not, tell me what I’ve got to do and my track record says I get it done,” Woodson said. “So that’s the way I look at it.”

    • Nick Says:

      Wow – with Asomugha the secondary would be ridiculous. And we could cut bigby and have Collins, Burnett, Pepra, and woodson as safeties…..

      Add a big body to Josh’s point above, and our D would be nearly unbeatable.

      also – dont forget about Erik Walden. He was a beast when he played. Definitely a serviceable special teams guy and a guy that can play OLB when needed.

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