Still absorbing the awesomeness of the Super Bowl


Here we are over a week removed from the Super Bowl and I still find myself excited about the Packers. There is something about winning the Super Bowl that is so incredibly satisfying. I remember feeling this way in 1997 too. It’s sort of like the handful of restaurant meals you’ve had when you were just blown away – and you remember the meal vividly to this day. It’s sort of like catching a 3 wood flush leaving a make-able eagle putt. It’s sort of like having an especially useful workout that gives you 10x the energy you had before working out. It’s sort of like sitting down by the pool/ocean on the first day of vacation somewhere warm (when it’s insanely cold where you’re from), putting your feet up and sipping on a cold beverage. It’s also sort of like the first heavy snowfall of the season, sitting by the fire and eating a homemade pot pie with a nicely chilled Guinness in hand. Etc Etc.

It’s just satisfying. Once again, thanks Packer organization for giving us this fantastic feeling of satisfaction.

20 Responses to “Still absorbing the awesomeness of the Super Bowl”

  1. sotexpackerfan Says:

    I’m with you. I don’t root for many teams that ever win anything this big so it’s been enjoyable.

    I’ve really been enjoying the coverage on NFL Network this week – the Lambeau celebration, Playbook, and SoundFX. Haven’t seen the Replay yet.

    Thanks, Pack!

  2. Paul Says:

    Yes! Incredibly satisfying and such a huge relief. It’s like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders and dropped squarely into the laps of Viking and Bears fans everywhere!

    It’s sorta like that first hot shower after returning from a week-long fishing trip. Or that feeling you have after leaving the doctor’s office, knowing your next prostate check isn’t for another year. It’s like falling asleep on the couch with your 1 year-old son dozing on your chest (disclaimer: VERY bad idea – don’t ever do this). It’s the smell of steaks grilling, freshly-cut grass and a spring storm in the air. It’s like drinking a cold beer while cutting the lawn on a hot summer day (disclaimer: might be illegal – not sure). It’s like my favorite chair, season one of The Office, a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies and an icy-cold glass of milk (soy-free). Enormously satisfying! THANKS PACKERS!!!

  3. mark Says:

    im with ya – i was a fire MM and TT guy many o time- but ever since the Minn game when i heard MM say they were simplifying the game plan and when they on side kicked against NE ive had a serious change of heart- all in all an awesome end to the season- i have blogged on this site that i felt RODGERS would be a 3 or 4 SB winner with the right team around him – i said that back in his first starting year- i hope im not wrong about that- i think the guy is a much better talent than FAVRE- Brett was just really tough and a very good player with amazing plays mixed in- so that was what made him a legend- anyway im exited about next season if there is gonna be one.

  4. DaveK Says:

    I’m trying very hard to extend the moment and that euphoric feeling a wee bit longer but I feel it slipping away. My commemorative copy of SI has been read. Sports radio has moved on even in WI. Chicago sports radio isn’t even bitching about Cutler anymore. The only NFL stuff of ESPN is about the labor talks and Albert Haynesworth being an idiot. We’re a little over a week past the Superbowl and already most have moved on. Before long all I will have is my DVR and few Packer blogs….

  5. 56coop Says:

    Yeah, it’s sorta like being with your valentine on Valentine’s day–right after you’ve given her that diamond & ruby necklace and she invites you to join her in the hot tub. (Disclaimer–very good idea. You should try it)

  6. 56coop Says:

    I knew one of those guys had to be a Packer fan. At least he got to see the game.

  7. Scott L Says:

    I never realized how quickly the sports world sheds football season. Guess I never really cared until this year. Last week was so awesome early with seemingly every radio program talking up the superbowl and the Packers. then about wednesday it became a struggle to keep my interest on the sports talk shows. here is a little tidbit from cbs sports about the Favre- Rodgers (fued?) I never thought Rodgers had bad feelings towards Favre, but I guess I couldnt blame him. Just kind of thought he was indifferent.

  8. Dave in Tucson Says:

    “The Packers won the Super Bowl!” Nope, still not tired of saying it 😀

    I re-watched the game a couple days after, and I was shocked how close it seemed in the 3rd quarter. Especially that drive that ended with the missed field goal–that pass where Roethlisberger just overthrew a wide-open Mike Wallace was a “yikes” moment, even knowing how the rest of the game would go.

    What a performance by the defense, especially after losing Woodson and (mostly) Shields. I sure hope Dom Capers wants to stay in Green Bay. I really feel like the Packers will have a legitimate chance to contend as long as he is our DC.


  9. Nick Says:

    Still haven’t seen Bill around these parts……

    And it still feels good. the last time we won I was 12 and didnt truly understand the significance of the game (that and I lived in southern Indiana – of all times to move away for two years! 96 and 97!). It felt good to see that final play, and to see ARodg finally put on his belt. He deserved it!

    I’ll be back in Green Bay this weekend – the first time since the game. Maybe it will still be in celebration mode at the bars!

  10. PackerBelle Says:

    This was a pretty memorable experience. After all the ups and downs of the season to end up as World Champions is pretty amazing. And in a lot of ways the injuries and the losses to bad teams (Detroit especially) made the end of the season even more special.

    I was only 12 during SB XXXI and didn’t fully appreciate how special it was. I’m looking forward to savoring this victory for awhile, if only because no matter what happens with the CBA or next season or the season afterwards we had an amazing season. We beat the Vikings twice, got two coaches fired and won the Super Bowl for a 13th World Championship. Pretty wonderful.

  11. christo Says:

    Yes, like all of you, I’m still absorbing the experience, but part and parcel of this experience are my continual thoughts about Finley: as crazy as it sounds, I think it was easier to win the big game WITHOUT him, than with him.

    While he was still playing, the offense had so many threats that Jennings was not getting the ball…. and they couldn’t establish any rhythm. It was only after JF was out that they started to rev their motor.

    Is he going to want the ball that much more because he’s been out for a season? How is the team going to deal with him if he gets frustrated with limited catches?

    After hearing from almost everyone who writes about football what a difference maker he is, I would hate to lose him.

    Please Mr Packer Geek, could you begin a new discussion thread on Finley as I would keenly like to hear what everyone’s thoughts are on Jermichael, “the best tight end in the NFL”, according to Aaron Rodgers, as he sat down with the NFL network crew after the game. In my eyes, I took this as AR saying: Please stay with us, you’re awesome, we need you!

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      @christo, you’ve got some work to do to make the case the Packers were better off without Finley:

      Finley went out on the first drive of week 5. The first four games, the Packers averaged 26.5 points per game. The last twelve, they averaged 23.5 ppg.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “[the offense] couldn’t establish any rhythm”, but if it doesn’t result in points on the board, it doesn’t really matter.


  12. christo Says:

    I hear you Dave in Tucson… but remember in the preseason when they said that this offense would simply be unstoppable? Well, in the first few games, 26.5 pts per game aside, they never really lived up to the hype, in my humble opinion. Perhaps some of those points were also attributable to haviing Grant in the backfield ( i know, i know, he’s no LT)… my other major point is that while Finley was in, Jennings was essentially forgotten: this is not how you build a dynasty… by having an offense that only utilizes SOME of your players… MM has to figure out how to use ALL of his weapons AND keep everybody happy: NO SMALL TASK – especially since running the ball will be given more of a priority next year, there will be many WRs running routes and not catching any balls…

  13. 56coop Says:

    Christo– I think maybe Finley was targeted a little too much during the first 5 games when others were open. I think he was usually who Aaron was looking for. I think I even remember it being mentioned here early in the season. I think after this year that will not be a problem next year. If Finley can stay healthy he should be a great assett

  14. DaveK Says:

    Finley causes headaches for defenses because MM can essentially use him as a WR or a TE. They play coverage you run. They stack the run you put him out wide on a route and he runs better then any LB or S and he physically dominates any CB. I would agree that maybe MM got too enamored with that mis-match each week and ran his offense on how the defense was trying to deal with Finley. Lesson learned I would hope. Let’s hope he uses Finley next season to augment what they built this year on offense instead of trying to run everything off what Finley brings to the table. I think MM was a superb play caller the 2nd half of the season. I’ll trust him to find a way to use Finley, Jennings, Grant, etc…

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  16. Joe P.E. Says:

    I just spent the last few hours (random Tuesday night) watching the game again…still puts a big smile on my face and a hop in my step!

    I think, if anything, FInley is going to give us an insane amount of depth next season. The team adjusted well to playing without him and adding him back to the mix will only–like DaveK wrote–cause ‘headaches’ for defenses. It was hard enough for teams to defend our receivers this year…it’s only going to be harder next year.

  17. awhayes Says:

    Christo – I think you ask a great question here. While the Pack actually was 3-1 with Finley in the line-up (then they lost 2 in a row after his injury), I do agree with you that the offense was not in a very good rhythm when he was playing. (Of course the offense really did have rhythm problems all year…) I think there may be several reasons why our offense looked out of sync when Finley was playing early in the year: Finley’s size and running ability might have cramped the routes of our WRs; Rodgers/MM were too eager to get him the ball (because of the match-up issues he causes); our other playmakers simply weren’t playing that well (Jennings). But I think the main reason why the offense looked off was because of Grant’s injury. I think when Grant went down in the first game, McCarthy essentially had to rework his whole game plan for the year (or at least McCarthy THOUGHT he had to do this), because McCarthy suddenly had no faith in his running game. (If you had multiple beers with McCarthy, he’d eventually admit this.)

    In the end, I think McCarthy and Rodgers would have eventually figured stuff out and Finley would have helped raise our offense to an elite level (up from the very good level it operated at all year). And next year, I think there is real potential for this offense to be virtually unstoppable with Finley (and especially Grant and Starks) back. As long as the O-Line can be even mediocre, this offense should really cause problems for opposing defenses.

  18. Vincent Almazar Says:

    Hey guys, check out this crazy photo shoot Clay did with Five Four. He’s even wearing one of their Five Four Green Bay Super Bowl Shirts.

  19. Susannah Tuttle Says:

    Not sure if any of you guys on this board got a chance to see how adorable Clay was on Ellen 😉

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