Old Man Injury Alert


Last Saturday, I spent the better part of the afternoon switching our cable TV hook-up from the den to the living room. (The den was too small for a Super Bowl party.) Well like most projects with me, what should have been a rather minor 30 minute project turned into an all afternoon ordeal. I ripped the cable pulling it out of the wall, had to buy a new cable, drill holes, redo the phone jack. It took too long, but eventually the living room was finally ready for the Super Bowl.

Anyway, the next morning I got up and went in to check out our new arrangement in the living. When I got up to walk around I realized that just getting to the living room was a challenge. Why? Two pulled hamstrings – right and left. Absolutely no idea why this would happen. The day before all I was doing was rearranging cables, pulling a bit here and there and at times laying on the floor. But that shouldn’t result in pulled hamstrings. I mean, I could barely walk. Old Man injuries always make me feel quite lame, but I felt especially lame after watching our Packers put in such an extraordinary tough-guy effort against the brutish Steelers.

6 Responses to “Old Man Injury Alert”

  1. Joe Says:

    And you want to be my golf instructor …

  2. Trav Says:

    “Dad, Mr Hayes was showing me how to hit my driver, but now I have this wicked snap-hook because he can’t rotate either of his legs. How do I undo this?”

  3. Paul Says:

    Are you sure you weren’t just cramping-up, Hayes? I’ve heard that a diet freakishly high in Soy Milk can cause this.

  4. awhayes Says:

    nice, nice and nice. starting to wonder about that soy milk!

  5. Joe Says:

    In all seriousness soy milk is no good.


    • Paul Says:

      Geez. I was just kidding around, but that article is downright disturbing. Better kick the soy, Andy. Your golf swing could be seriously compromised if you have to be fitted for a mansierre!

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