Speaking of golf…


I need to post a shameless plug here. Sorry.

I will be offering golf lessons in the Lisbon, WI area (near Sussex, Hartland) starting this spring. My rates are low, I can do individual, couple and group lessons and I can teach any level and any age group. (With the advanced players, I focus a bit more on the mental approach to the game.) I have been golfing since I was very young, I’ve won several local tournaments, played in college and presently play to a 5 handicap index. (And of course, I’m always game to talk Packers – our Super Bowl winning Packers!)

If you have any interest in affordable golf lessons let me know. Send me an email at packergeeks@yahoo.com to set something up.

5 Responses to “Speaking of golf…”

  1. Nick Says:

    I wont be around the area to take lessons – but I did want to drop a note saying it was nice to see your brother Steve and your father at the pregame/game/after party festivities! Great packer fans at a great Packer party!

  2. w edens Says:

    Hope you play in FCC golf Mondays.

  3. Kai Says:

    Man….wish I was back up North. Maybe you coudkl fix my wicked slice. Not even worth dragging the clubs out anymore.

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