Super Bowl Prediction


Read here for my Super Bowl pick.


8 Responses to “Super Bowl Prediction”

  1. Dan Berg Says:

    I too picked the Pack to win the Super Bowl. I have them winning 33-20 with Aaron the MVP. Go Pack.

  2. Keefer Says:

    More like a “man-crush” on Desmond Bishop!!! 😉

  3. 56Coop Says:

    I keep thinking this may be one of the best SB’s ever with one team (hopefully GB) winning on the last play or at least the last drive of the game, possibly Pitt driving & a GB INT to save the win for GB. Or, GB just blows Pitt out of the water in a runaway.

    Man I wish Sunday would get here.

  4. Tom Freeman Says:

    I also picked the Packers in my blog, but I would be very worried if this comes down to the last play, as I mentioned there. The Steelers are MUCH better than the Packers in pulling out last minute wins (I know that the Packers have PRESERVED some last minute wins with interceptions, in the Eagles and Bears playoff games, and in the week 17 Bears game), but when did they last drive down the field to win the game with a score on the final drive? So I think we need a lead of more than 7 points in the last minutes of the game to be be safe.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      I’d like a lead of more than 7 just to save my sanity. An INT to seal the game is exciting but the nerves leading up to that are less fun.

      I think the Packers can win this game. It depends on if the defense can force the Steelers into passing situations and pressure Big Ben into making mistakes and if the Packers offense plays like they did in Atlanta rather than the second half of the NFCC.

  5. Nick Says:

    I’ve got the packers – 31-21

    But I’ll take a one point win…..time to bring lombardi home!

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