Check out Packergeeks preseason 2010 predictions


Click here to review.


  1. Picking Pack to go to (and win) Super Bowl.
  2. NE to win division (and to then lose to the 6th seed).
  3. Balt to be good (believe they did finish 12-4).
  4. Indy to be mediocre
  5. Cincy to suck.
  6. KC to win the division
  7. Pack and Chicago to emerge from the NFC North
  8. Vikes to suck.
  9. Seattle to be .500 (though they finished 7-9).
  10. Atlanta to win their division.


  1. Houston getting to AFC Championship
  2. Jets being mediocre.
  3. Dallas winning division.
  4. Wash being 10-6.
  5. AZ winning division.
  6. NO not being THAT good.
  7. TB not being above .500

4 Responses to “Check out Packergeeks preseason 2010 predictions”

  1. Nick Says:

    Id say thats pretty damn good! You nailed the harder stuff (KC winning division, Bears, Cincy sucking), and missed on some stuff that seemed to be a lock (Dallas). Now lets hope the top bullet comes true!

  2. Keefer147 Says:

    You are a prognosticating god! What’s the final score going to be Sunday…I feel a wager coming on!

  3. Aristomenes Says:

    Yes – very nice job. Don’t know why Nick (above) says picking the Bears to suck is the “harder stuff”. ; – )

  4. DaveK Says:

    Wow, you had some amazing predictions. Indy was a outside the box prediction. KC to be that good and the Bears not to be terrible were nice calls also. But, didn’t we all pick the Packers to win the Superbowl?!!

    I predicted the Packers spot on at 10-6. I had them winning the division via tie-breaker with the Vikings as I figured we’d beat them twice this year.

    I thought the Vikings would be solid but not have the magical season they did the year before. It looks like that luck shifted to the Bears.

    I thought the Bears would be 6-10 given what I thought was an aging defense and a cobbled together o-line.

    So…..what’s your Superbowl prediction though great football Nostradomus?

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