What are your Super Bowl plans?


Curious to hear what readers are planning for this awesome Super Bowl Sunday. Prefer to watch with just a few people or a huge group? At the bar or at someone’s house? Or, will any of you be joining Brother Steve at the game in Dallas?

What do you plan to eat? What will you be drinking? Will you listen to Fox commentary or do you pipe in Wayne and Larry on WTMJ? What other rituals do you have?

For me – I prefer watching at home (I’m pretty sure the Packers have gotten this far because I continue to sit on the left side of my den couch). I prefer smaller gatherings – some good friends and family who like and know football, like and know food and like and know beer. We’ll be grilling out  – likely brats, sausages and along with chicken nachos (homemade chips and guacamole). We will be sure to have a number of beers – headlined by a beer that has been creeping higher and higher in my beer rankings list: Hinterland Pale Ale. It’s a smooth, very drinkable ale – and importantly, unlike many other micro-brews out there, it’s not so full of extra ingredients that you get a hangover WHILE you’re drinking it. Quality, unique, refreshing. Hinterland itself is a restaurant in Green Bay (where at least Ryan Pickett enjoys eating – likely other Packer players too), but they also have restaurants in Door County (The Whistling Swan – one of my favorite restaurants period) and Milwaukee – called Hinterland Gastropub. And as usual, I’ll supplement the tastier beer selection with some light beer – probably Miller High Life Light.


30 Responses to “What are your Super Bowl plans?”

  1. christo Says:

    Because they’re in the Super Bowl, I’m really tempted to go to a bar and see it on a BIG screen – something I almost never do… but I’ve decided to stay at home and watch with my wife, who is also a dedicated Packers fan (we’ve been to Lambeau twice together) and my daughter, whom I’m grooming to become a next generation packers fan. We’ve done this all season and see no reason to stop now. As you suggest, they’ve gotten this far because of your couch seating position and our watching at home… and hey, Mike McCarthy is a big fan of keeping things the same week to week. maybe all Packer fans should too!

    P.S. Final note on America’s team issue: Can we all agree that Titletown, USA is the best way to describe our beloved organization? I thought so!

  2. Nick Says:

    While I actually enjoy watching the game from the comforts of a home decorated just as Andy described, I will be down in Dallas with my family at the game. They are scheduled to leave today with those crazy IR players (weather permitting, I guess), and I’ll head out Sat.

    It’ll be memorable if they win…..not so much if they lose…….

  3. Paul Says:

    I hate to spoil your fun, Andrew. But your couch is not the reason the Packers have gotten this far. You see, I have this needle-infested, Brad Childress voodoo doll which sits precisely between the french onion dip and my can of spray cheese on game day. THIS would be the secret to the Packer’s success!
    My preference will be to watch at home and listen to Wayne & Larry on WTMJ. However, their call is about 5 seconds ahead of Charter’s TV signal. Anybody else experience this or know of a solution?

    • Nick Says:

      Paul, its due to a bunch of “sciency” reasons, but not the fault of your TV provider. Essentially, radio waves are travelling faster and reach you faster than the TV can transmit from live at the game, to a satellite in space, and back to your home.

      Im not sure if its the same phenomena, but I also find that HD makes it slower as well. My thinking is that its more data to transmit and therefore its slower than regular tv – but then again, I’m a business major. I have literally no business discussing science-based issues.

  4. DaveK Says:

    My wife and I (and kids) traveling back to WI to watch the game with my parents, sister and her family. It might be a nice memory to see the Packers win a championship at the Superbowl but I honestly think it will be more memorable and meaningful to jump around and go crazy with my family. The last one I was 21 years old and watched in a bar in Des Moines with friends and that was great but this time I want the memory to be with my family and especially my 7 year old son who for the first time this season starting really paying attention to football and has been convinced the Packers were going to the Superbowl since November.

  5. Kai Says:

    I’m going to the game! (Of course, I live in Dallas!) Not willing to pony up between $3K – $25K to get inside, so like all the other commoners, I’ve bought a $200 Party Pass from Jerry Jones and will get inside the security perimter and watch the game in the designated outside veranda. (It does count towards the total attendance. Thx Jerry!) I figure the majority of real fans will be on the outside. Still should be a blast!!

    • Nick Says:

      Face value helps…..But I agree – I’m not looking forward to sitting with a bunch of suits. Id rather be with real fans. Oh well.

    • CindyV Says:

      I’ll be joining you inthe $200 cheap area. I’m flying in on Sunday morning from Milwaukee. We’ll catch the game and then fly back on Sunday night. We already have our Party Pass and Transit Pass (with commerative lanyard and pin). I plan on cheering my team and flying home with a plane full of happy Packer fans.

  6. DaveK Says:

    Paul, my parents have the same problem. My mother is vision-impaired and in the past it was always nice to listen to the radio broadcast because they describe the game better for her then the TV guys. They started delaying the broadcast (I think after Janet Jackson’s boob appeared) and who wants to hear the play 5-10 seconds before they see the play. Anybody with a solution?

    • Paul Says:

      Thanks, Dave. I had a feeling the other shoe would eventually drop on Janet Jackson’s boob (metaphorically speaking). But now that you mention it, I hadn’t experienced the delay issue until several years ago. I believe that Nick’s scientific explanation above also makes perfect sense (Thanks, Nick).
      I’m not a musician, but I think my son’s guitar amp has a delay feature. What if I were to attach the audio-out of my radio to the amp’s audio-in, and try to delay TMJ’s audio by several seconds? Any chance that might work?

  7. PackerBelle Says:

    I’ll be watching it with my parents. The Packers are not on local TV much so when they are it is tradition to try and watch it with my dad.

    Nice article about why people should root for the Packers http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/news/story?id=6079827

  8. Keefer Says:

    We cancelled our home-based SB party once the Packers got in. I knew I’d be a terrible host as I’d be unable/unwilling to speak to anyone about anything happening outside of the game in Dallas.

    So, we’re heading to our friend’s house, as per the past three weeks, to enjoy the game with them. We live in Ontario, but our friends hail from Wisconsin, so we’re assured of an all Packer crowd.

    Most of all I look forward to sharing the experience with my 10 year old son. We’re building memories that will continue to unite us throughout life. I grew up in England and my fondest memories of my father were watching football (soccer!) with my Dad at Ipswich. I can only hope that my son looks back on these days as warmly as I do on my childhood with my Dad.



  9. 56coop Says:

    My wife & I have had SB tradition for the last 5 years or so & that’s going to Carraba’s (Italian restaurant) & eating. There’s hardly anyone there so we sit at the bar, watch the game, get great service & food.

    However, due to the Packers making the big dance that tradition will be broken this year. I’ll be in my man cave watching in glorious HD while she will be upstairs trying to drown out my yelling. She has also removed anything that can be thrown at the TV that will cause damage. She’s already called her sister to meet her somewhere after about the 3rd qtr if they happen to be losing. I am not easy to be around when the Pack makes the playoffs, much less the SB 😉

    Go Pack Go!!!

    • Nick Says:

      hahaha my fiance has taken to doing the same thing. She even bought me a bears blow up punching bag to take out any anger on….

  10. Nicholas in ireland Says:

    I live in Ireland and I’m lucky as the only game shown over here live is the superbowl. I’m glad i will be able to watch it from the couch instead of sitting on a hard chair watching games on the Internet (which is poor quality) like I did for the regular season. The only downside is that it starts at half 11 and I have to get up for school the following morning at 8. I would like to thank packergeeks for keeping me up to date on packers news as it is very hard to get any packers news over here.

  11. awhayes Says:

    no problem Nicholas – enjoy getting to catch the game live!

  12. Katie Says:

    I hate being so far from other Packers’ fan! I feel a little isolate out here in D.C. but I’ve been rocking my Packers hat and scarf on my walk to work every day since the playoffs started, and I get a lot of fun comments.

    We watch the games we can at home and go to the resident Packers bar for the ones not on national TV (oh how I wish our building had Direct TV so I didn’t get stuck with the Redskins every week). We planned on watching at home since we knew the Packers bar would be beyond crowded, but I decided it would ultimately be more fun to watch with other fans so I found a reserved seat party at a relatively new bar that is becoming another Packers destination. I think we’ll go check it out, but I will have no problem heading back home if the scene isn’t great.

  13. Scott W Says:

    I’ll be on my way to Los Angeles that day so I hope to make it to my hotel by kickoff. I’ll have to locate a local watering hole in Anaheim.

  14. Doug In Sandpoint Says:

    Made plans to watch at a friend’s house long before we new the Pack was in. They have a large flat screen, great food, and a hot tub. The wife is also a big Bears fan, so it should be interesting. We have enough knowlegeable PAcker fans that it should be enjoyable and I should be able to concentrate on the game.

    We will start off Super Sunday at church where we will all witness a buddy fully dressed in Packer regallia…cheesehead, sweatshirt, jacket, socks, green and gold shoes, and G-Force flag as a cape. He also happens to be a huge Bears fan who lost a bet with me on the NFC Champioship game, so he will be so dressed “properly” for the entire day. This should be great!!!

  15. Tom Freeman Says:

    We will be watching at home. Considered going to the game for 8 days before finally deciding it did not make sense at the prices we were seeing. (We did go to XXXI and XXXII, but that was when our income was higher!) We are having just a few friends over to watch the game with us – if we had a big group we would not really be able to watch the game, which is paramount. Our friend Myles will be with us. He is sort of an adopted Packer fan friend (originally a Dolphins fan). But we took him to a couple of games at Lambeau Field, and he is pretty much all in now. He came to watch all 3 playoff games with us, so he is a good luck mascot.

  16. Ted Says:

    In the living room like the other play-off games with my wife and son. However, for this game, my son is bringing along his college housemates. I’d like to think he is returning home in order to watch it with his Dad, but the 55″ SONY doesn’t hurt either. He and I have made annual trips to Lambeau from Cincinnati the past 4 years and this year tossed in the debacle in Detroit.
    A couple years ago while on vacation in Miami I promised him that he and I could get matching packer tattoos, when the pack win the big one. I had hoped he had forgotten that promise. After the Bears game, he reminded me of the promise.
    We will have chilli on the stove and adding grilled cheese sandwiches and metts to go with it, Leinies in the fridge.

    Work has been impossible this week. I’ve already asked for next Monday off; either too groggy from celebrating and wanting to watch the team greet back in GB on TV; or too depressed to want to see ppl at work.

  17. Trent Says:

    Road-tripping with my brother’s band squint to Dallas on Saturday (they’re playing at some club called The Bone–I know nothing about it but if you show up I’ll buy you a beer). Not sure what we’re doing Sunday yet–Jerry wants to charge for breathing in the vicinity of his stadium, so it won’t be as cool as New Orleans was (as reported by my brother). Looking for options to watch the game and hang with fellow Cheeseheads. It would be a shame to make the trip and just end up going to a bar–I can do that in Austin.

  18. Taras Bulbous Says:

    I’m stuck here in N. Carolina, where I moved from Wisco a few years ago. I was thinking about inviting a bunch of friends from school over but in the end decided I didn’t want to have to entertain a bunch of disinterested people while I live and die by the play of the game so my little sister is going to cook up a bunch of football food, and the family is going to drink a lot of beer and stay up aaaaallll night. Should be a good time regardless.

  19. jimthepackertfan Says:

    i will watch at my daughter house. i have been a fan since 3rd grade when i read a book on bart starr. i daughter and son haved followed in my footsteps and are all big fans, a yes all three of us are part owners!!! my daughter got married this year, how ironic, a huge steeler fan!!! we all went to the game in pittsburgh last season and we were all to be in dallas wed, thurs, friday and fly back late sat to watch the game but are flights got canceled and had no luck rebooking. so here we are still excited, we will party saturday and off course sunday!!! the steel curtain will fall GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. Susannah Tuttle Says:

    When the Packers got into the Playoffs my sister and I decided we needed to host a party for our NC friends… to show them how it’s done where we come from. Since most of our guests were women and my NCnative husband doesn’t really get into sports ~ we decided to add a little pizzaz to the afternoon and titled our event PackersDiscoPlayoffsParty! I downloaded all the Packer music I could find online and set-up the stereo so that at every commercial I hit mute and cranked up the dance tunes ~ and at half time had the TV connected to the internet and danced to “Fly Like a Cheesehead” video! In an instant we had 20 new die-hard female Packer fans! PackersDiscoPlayoffsParty2 was even bigger….. and PackersDiscoPlayoffsParty3 was completely off da hook!!!!!

    It was after they kicked Atlanta’s azz that I realized we needed to cut our vacation in St. John (where we are right now! ~ heaven!) a day short to be sure not to let flight delays or weather stand in the way of our front row spot in front of the flat screen! I had to use 35,000 extra miles to change our tickets to come home on Sat… (trip to Europe or watch SuperBowl?! – no contest 😉 but I can’t think of a better way to spend my 39th birthday week ~ sailing & snorkling ~ and going home to watch Mr. Rodgers win his ring!

    Even better ~ I’ll be watching the game with my Mom & Dad, sister, husband, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and the 30 new Packer fantatics that were born in my living room this season!!!!

    Thanks Andy, for allowing me to put all this energy into words! I’ll be a regular on your site now (thanks for sending the link John!) and I’ll be sure to share pictures of all our PackerDiscoParties! Also, let me know if you need some Packer music ~ happy to share the $30+ itunes I’ve downloaded!


    • chapelthrillgirl Says:

      P.S. My Mom & Dad say HI!!!!!

    • awhayes Says:

      welcome to Packergeeks Susannah! And nicely done with the party – spreading the Packer love! Packer fans have a certain infectiousness about them that makes folks around them enjoy the moment more. We know how to have fun. If you want to send pictures – go for it!

      say hi to your mom and dad and Cec too.

  21. Aristomenes Says:

    After all the cross-talk (of the non-football variety) at my house during the Philly game, I decided to cut back on hosting during games. I only had one guest decided on for the SB, and then I had my Gram pass yesterday (Groundhog Day), and felt then that I couldn’t even deal with the one friend … a Chicago boy. I think I’ll re-invite – he’s a serious football guy for a Bears fan, and at least has Black ‘n’ Blue Division loyalty.

    Here in the 95621, a couple hours from Aaron’s hometown where my Uncle still lives, it is hard to find folks I want to see the game with, so it’s just me and the kids, and usually homemade chili. The two older girls grew up here, but bleed green and gold. The oldest (in the Navy now, in San Antonio) got kicked out of the enlisted common room deep into the Falcons game for getting too happy. My 9-year-old son, though, is a Packer through and through, and will watch the whole game now (though he likes to distract himself with bionicles when it gets too close).

    It’s hard, having grown up in the 54301, to hear of friends down on Washington Street without me, but the love and the joy reach far.

    My only wish is that I could find a retro t-shirt with the receiver over the football over the WI state outline logo. That’s all I want now and my life will be complete.

  22. 56Coop Says:

    Wow, lots of Tarheels on this site, myself included

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