Polamalu edges Matthews for DPOY


Hopefully this will just piss Matthews off. Polamalu, in my estimation, could be DPOY every year. I do think that year after year, Polamalu is the best defensive player in the NFL. He is very, very good. But Matthews had a phenomenal year this year and he should be proud of his second place finish. The amazing thing is that he’s does it often playing with an injury – now that’s talent.

One other thought: if this vote included playoff performance, I wonder if Matthews would have gotten the nod. Polamalu’s playoff contributions have been limited compared to Matthews. (Actually, if playoffs were included, Tramon Williams should have won!)


19 Responses to “Polamalu edges Matthews for DPOY”

  1. Dave Says:

    52>43 just sayin, and matthews will be holding the lombardi

  2. Travis Says:

    Hey good for him, even if he didn’t get it. I think there’s something more important on his mind right now, so I don’t think he’s worrying about missing this by 2 votes.. He’ll go and prove everything in the superbowl.

    Good players can get to Ben, and in his grasp.. great players like Matthews are able to bring him down. Don’t try escaping from Matthews.. He’ll hunt you down, and your going to regret it. He’ll want to go and prove that this sunday!

  3. DPOY | Hot Music TV Network Says:

    […] Polamalu edges Matthews for DPOY « packergeeks […]

  4. 56coop Says:

    I’m not going to get too far away from my normal schedule, especially the biggest week of the year. I don’t know if I answered your question. I’m going to do as little as I possibly can to enjoy myself.

    I really like this from MM’s presser. He’s trying to keep everything as normal as possible. I hope it’s not being naive and he’s on the right track. Wish he would have done a better job with the team pic deal but he needs to be telling CM you have a chance to get much more attention by being a beast in the SB. Let’s go PACK. BTW, where’s Bill?

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    There’s no denying Polamalu is a major cog in the Steelers defense. Last year, he missed a bunch of games, they finish 9-7, and just out of the playoffs. This year, he stays healthy, the Steelers get the #2 seed, and go to the Super Bowl.

    And as good as Matthews has been, he did miss a game, and had some other big defensive players around him (Woodson, Williams, Raji, Collins).

  6. Josh Says:

    Troy Polamalu is definitely deserving, and in a way I’m almost glad Clay didn’t get the award. He’s stated many times that he still carries with him a “walk on” mentality from his time at USC, and I feel like not being rewarded after a remarkable season will only add fuel to his fire.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Matthews….Superbowl MVP. I think he’d rather have that title. I predict he breaks White’s 3 sack record for a Superbowl.

  8. PackerBelle Says:

    While I think Matthews was definitely deserving, I think this is like last year’s DPOY award where Woodson beat out Revis. There was an argument to be made for both and both were deserving.

    And at the end of the day, having the DPOY is great but I’d rather have the Lombardi Trophy so hopefully this Sunday CM3 will show everyone what he’s got – kind of like how Rodgers and Tramon are showing the Pro Bowl voters what they’ve got during the playoffs.

    • awhayes Says:

      good point – Polamalu truly just changes the game the second he steps on the field. he’s an awesome player period. That said, I hope he has the worst game of his career Sunday.

  9. RayMidge Says:

    I’ve found that as a fan I care more about All-Star selections or individual awards etc… when my team stinks or is ascendant. It sort of validates my optimism that a team is improving. When the team is good who cares whether any of the individuals get recognition, all of the focus is on the team results. As an ascendant team last year I really wanted Woodson’s win to validate the Packers’ season, even as the Arizona game sort of exposed that defense. This year, while I hoped Matthews might win the award, as with Traman and Raji and Rodgers’ Pro Bowl snubs I am thinking more all along the lines of Josh and others above- I hope/believe it can only serve to motivate these players and the team in general to perform on the big stage.

  10. Nick Says:

    Seems like the playoffs were included in this decision. If the Steelers didnt make the Super Bowl, I dont think Polamalu gets this. Meanwhile, I think if the Packers didnt make the Super Bowl, Matthews gets this. Matthews was overshadowed by Rodgers and others, while Polamalu outshined Big Ben, et al.

    Just my opinion.

  11. Bill Says:

    Based on this article on Web MD, the every emergency room in Green Bay better be well staffed Sunday night!!!! LOLOL!!!!


  12. Scott W Says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill, Jealousy doesn’t look good on you bro!

  13. PackerBelle Says:

    Slightly off topic, but does anyone think that James Harrison’s comments basically mocking the league’s crackdown on hits on QBs/receivers, etc will cause the officials to look any more closely at him? When someone basically comes out and says that they think the rules are too sissy I’d keep an eye on that player.

    • 56coop Says:

      Yeah Packerbelle. He may just have painted a target on his back. At least I hope so. Not that I think they’ll need it.

      • PackerBelle Says:

        I hope so too. He is a (IMO) a dirty player and I can see him trying to take Rodgers out to increase Pittsburgh’s chances of winning and to basically flip off the league. I just remember Al Harris always seemed to get watched extra closely because he had the reputation of pushing boundaries in terms of bumping receivers and am hoping that between Harrison’s reputation and his comments that he will get scrutinized extra closely.

  14. ClubLevel Seating Says:

    Never understood why post season efforts are not included when MVP and other awards are voted on. I realize that a majority of players could suffer because there team did not make the playoffs but isn’t the ongoing mantra ‘a player is judged by how many Super Bowls he wins’.. i don’t get it.. but i guess that’s just me.

  15. Josh Says:

    This is another tangent with no real purpose, but I saw that Rodgers did receive two votes for Offensive Player of the Year.

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