Fantastic piece from The Onion on Cutler/Bears


From here. Below is full text:

Jay Cutler proves naysayers wrong by defeating sh–tiest team ever to make playoffs

“CHICAGO—Silencing once and for all the multitude of critics who said he did not have what it took to be a postseason quarterback, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler led the Bears to the NFC Championship Game last Sunday by defeating the 8-10 Seattle Seahawks, by far the worst team ever to make the playoffs. “I think I’ve demonstrated what I’m truly capable of when I’m playing to my strengths,” said Cutler, who threw for two touchdowns against Seattle’s godawful 27th-ranked defense and had a four-game interception streak snapped only because Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux inexplicably muffed a pass thrown at the goal line. “People got to see my true potential today.” Cutler will play his first postseason game against an opponent with a winning record Sunday.


9 Responses to “Fantastic piece from The Onion on Cutler/Bears”

  1. CindyV Says:

    Funny piece. But now I’m seeing a lot of articles online that talk about howmuch Cutler is goig to ruin the Packer party. I am very nervous about this game.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Cindy – try to picture Cutler’s face after yet another turnover…I find this comforting when I start getting nervous.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    It’s weird–I don’t remember being half this anxious for the 2007 game against the Giants. I don’t remember having this “wow, we’re one win away from the Super Bowl!” feeling.

    Overconfident back then? Or maybe I just figured the Pats were a lock to win? Anyway, I’m glad it’s only a few hours away now…


    • PackerBelle Says:

      We weren’t playing the Bears. I don’t want to lose but I really don’t want to lose to the freaking Bears. Especially when I think that we are better than the Bears.

    • Scott W Says:

      I can’t stand the thought of Bears fan holding this game over us for all eternity if they win today. Obnoxious doesn’t even begin to describe what we’ll hear.

  4. Nick Says:

    Well….. Here we go.

    Today ends in two ways for me. All smiles and a cuban hanging off my lip, or deep in a bottle of Jameson.

    I have to go to work tomorrow, Arodg. Let’s make sure it’s the Cuban.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      I know. I told co-workers that I’d either be elated or massively depressed tomorrow. Here’s hoping for the elation.

      • Nick Says:

        I jokingly told them i would be gone for a week. Either celebrating or sitting in a dark room.

        In all seriousness though – we need to win is game. Revenge for 2006 vs the giants. I think im still cold from sitting outside the whole time…

  5. christo Says:

    The field conditions look MUCH better than I anticipated…. the pack by a healthy margin!

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