Ken Stills wipes out Matt Suhey


Click here for the video. While Bears fans think this is yet another dirty hit by the nasty Packers in a colorful rivalry, truth is, Ken Stills did this all the time. In fact, I think Ken Stills was just one of those guys who suffered from a timing problem. The number of times he hit people who were already out of bounds was staggering. I’ll bet in conversation he’s the kind of person who comes in a tad late to everything, throwing off the rhythm of the conversation.

My reaction to this hit at the time, I believe, was a simple shake of my head ecause it was another 15 yard penalty. But I knew it didn’t happen because it was against the Bears in a heated game – it happened because Ken Stills was playing football the only way he knew how.


3 Responses to “Ken Stills wipes out Matt Suhey”

  1. Bill Says:

    Ken Stills played the game the only way that he knew how, and how Charles Martin knew how and how Forrest Gregg taught them to play. I am assuming that this was during Forrest Gregg’s all too brief tenure in Green Bay. He was a terrible coach, with lousy teams. So if they couldn’t satisfy their fans with wins, they figured that they could satisfy the fan’s blood lust. So, Forrest Gregg taught his players to play with intensity (like punks). Ken Stills and Charles Martin were two of the chief punks.

    Forrest Gregg went on to finish his illustrious coaching career by posting a 3 -19 record as head coach at SMU. He was not only a punk, he was a loser.

  2. Trav Says:

    After college, Weber roped me into playing in a touch football league in Milwaukee. Didn’t really want to do it, but they were short players and needed some bodies to fill out the roster. Most of the team were former D3 football players that still wanted some action. I was last on a field as a freshman in HS when I dislocated my shoulder and retired at that point. It was called a touch league but in reality it was just short of full contact, tackle football, sans pads.

    As we are warming up early in the season, someone mentions that Ken Stills is playing for a team in the game before ours. We are all watching as he comes screaming across the field and just levels a WR that was coming across the middle. Player goes down and it took a good 10 minutes before he was up and semi-conscious again. I think Stills just had a mean streak, was dirty, and could not even turn it off in a “touch” league. Luckily, he was thrown out of the league before we played them and I didn’t need to come down with some phantom injury prior to the game to ensure a trip to the hospital was not in my future.

  3. awhayes Says:

    hilarious Trav. though it might have been cool to get leveled by him just once (as long as it didn’t do permanent damage) just so you could say you once got leveled by Ken Stills.


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