Darren Colledge not seeing a blowout…why not?


Gary D’Amato wrote an article this morning re Mason Crosby having to step up in the event that the game is close. Legit article – and as D’Amato points out, considering Crosby has just 1 game winning FG in 4 years as a kicker it’s about time he steps up when we need him.

But what struck me about the article was this from Darren Colledge:

“We know it’s not going to be a blowout”.

Um. Why not? Look, I’m as nervous about heading down to Soldier Field for such a huge game as any Packer player or fan. But frankly, I would not rule out a blow out for this game (in favor of the Packers). The Packers will not get blown out – but there is a very real chance that if our offense gets churning, we could overwhelm the Bears.

Perhaps Colledge was just saying what he felt he should say publicly. But I sure hope that our offense especially, has in mind the possibility of rolling like it did last week and flattening the Bears. Let’s face it, right now, there is a huge difference between our offense and the offense of the Bears. And there isn’t much difference between the 2 defenses – with the Pack probably having the edge there too. I don’t want to sound ridiculous here, but if I were a Bears fan I would be at least a little worried about getting crushed.

My official pick for this game should come by tomorrow, but I woke up this morning feeling far less nervous all of a sudden.



10 Responses to “Darren Colledge not seeing a blowout…why not?”

  1. Nick Says:

    He didnt want to jinx it. I’m thinking this game is either close, and the Bears win, or its a blowout for the Packers. Same thing I thought about the Falcons game – that’s how it seems the Packers play this year.

  2. Joe Says:

    The Packers are too smart to give the Bears any bulletin board material.

    In my mind this game comes down to one simple question – can the Packer pass rush get to Culter before he can get the ball to Olsen or a receiver on the drag route.

    It is no secrete that our pressure packages leave a hole in the middle of the defense, in front of the safeties. The key is can we disrupt Culter before he can exploit the soft spot. That’s the game in my mind.

  3. Mike5371d Says:

    Had to share this…way too funny..

  4. barb inkc Says:

    Since the early line out of Vegas this week favored the Packers in Chicago at Soldier Field, well that speaks volumes to me. The Packers have a real chance of winning this weekend, and winning big. No one EVER picks any team OVER the Bears on their home turf in this kind of weather… so the oddsmakers must think GreenBay is on an unstoppable roll.

    I for one am pulling for the blowout. Just because it would be so cathartic!

  5. PackerBelle Says:

    I think a blowout is possible, but based on recent history I tend to think it won’t happen. This is the NFCCG, it is a bitter rivalry, and while I think the Bear’s have caught some breaks this year they are still a good team. Plus Soldier Field is a tough place to play in January, if only because the surface is in such bad shape. None of those facts leads to a blowout.

    I guess I see the game hinging on 3 things.

    1. Can the Packers offensive line control the line of scrimmage? If they can give Starks some openings and give Rodgers time to make his reads this could be a fun game on Sunday, at least from an offensive stand point.

    2. Can the defense put pressure on Cutler via the pass rush and through good coverage in the secondary? Matt Forte is a good back, as is Chester Taylor. But this game will likely be won by the better QB performance, especially if #1 happens. Cutler reminds me a lot of Favre, for better and for worse. Give him time and he’ll kill you, but pressure him and odds are he’ll make mistakes that can turn the tide.

    3. Can the Packers special teams not help the Bears? Basically if you limit Hester’s influence you can really limit the Bears’ explosiveness.

    I admit I’m more nervous about this game than either the Philly or Atlanta game. While I focus more on the Viking/Packer rivalry I still don’t want to see the Bears in the SB having beaten the Pack. But I also think that while the Bears may not be the best, or hottest, team left I think they are the most dangerous for the Packers.

  6. awhayes Says:

    nice Barb, nice. Me too.

  7. awhayes Says:

    good keys Packerbelle, Joe. I agree. I think Cutler’s performance in particular will help decide this game. I actually think Capers is going to focus early on taking Matt Forte out of the game. Stopping their run (and screens to him) will be tough but I think we can do it and succeeding will be important because when Forte (or Taylor) are less involved, the offense becomes inconsistent forcing Cutler to force passes. (In all 5 of the Bears’ losses this year, except the last game at Lambeau, Forte had less than 41 yards rushing.) Capers will still try to confuse Cutler on passing downs by blitzing/disguising coverage, but my guess is that on early downs, he’ll stuff the box.

  8. AZWarrior Says:

    I think Lovie will expect us to pressure Cutler, and respond accordingly (screens, etc) Having Jenkins healthy is going to help, in my opinion. He’s good at that type of stuff.

  9. Dave in Tucson Says:

    On the one hand, I feel like the Packers’ offense should be able to shred the Bears’ D–I mean, if Mark Sanchez and the Jets can put up 31 on that D, surely the Packers can match it.

    On the other hand, they sure didn’t give up anything easy in week 17, even when they were locked into the #2 seed. It could be a blow-out, but I feel like it’s most likely going to be another low-scoring game, at least until Cutler starts throwing touchdowns to Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson.


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