The Charles Martin hit


Check out this video from the Charles Martin “hit-list” game Nov, 1986. While I’ve hated the Bears for years, and while the Bears have also been plenty guilty of poor sportsmanship over the years, I have to say this was one of the cheapest cheap shots in sports history. Just an absolutely evil thing that Charles Martin did to QB Jim McMahon – curiously after McMahon helped the Packers by throwing a pick.

For some reason, while I remember being fully aware that it was one of the most egregious penalties I’d ever see – in the moment, I don’t remember feeling as outraged by it then as I do now watching the video.

For those who remember watching this game live – tell me, how did you feel after Martin did this?


9 Responses to “The Charles Martin hit”

  1. AZWarrior Says:

    1 Ashamed of the organization

    2. Ashamed for the organization.

    This was the culture created by Forrest Gregg. One can say the Bears did things that created bad feelings, but there is just no justification for the dirty play that took place under Gregg.

  2. Schaefer Says:

    What’s funny to me is that I recall friends of mine – this was back in 5th grade or so – wearing “hit lists” on their belts the next day at school. (This video doesn’t show, but does mention, Charles Martin’s “hit list” towel that had jersey numbers on it of different Bears he was going to get.) Kids were celebrating Charles Martin for slamming McMahon. I recall my Dad thinking it was awful, yet I recall being glad he slammed McMahon – whom I hated more than anything.

    I watched that clip and cannot believe that I ever thought something so totally unsportsmanlike was even remotely okay. Those were not proud years for the Packers.

  3. Ron LC Says:

    You want dirty? I’ll give you dirty! Their names are Joe Fortunato and Bill George. the only thing the out-of-bounds marker meant was to hit the runner a hard as they could in the knees. Or better yet, after a touchdown at Wrigley Field, running the guy who scored into the stone right field wall as hard as they could.

  4. Nick Says:

    I wasnt alive then……so, i guess I was ok with it??

  5. Joe Says:

    I actually remember the hit being worse than that clip shows. And, I’ll admit I am not that bothered by it after having watched it. It was a stupid thing and penalty, rightly called. Even the ejection was probably right.

    The problem with it was that he grabbed him and tossed him down. Everyone knows that you can “block” the offensive players if the QB tosses a pick. Martin could have put a good hit on him as block and been legal. Just ask Warren Sapp how to do it.

  6. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I wasn’t following football when this happened. But my reaction to it now is that it’s awful, not least of all because it ended McMahon’s season. I’m also a little surprised he got off so lightly–ejection and a two game suspension. Given how protective the NFL is about quarterbacks these days, I wonder what the punishment would be if something like this happened now.

    BTW, here’s a video of the Bears vs Redskins playoff game following the 1986 season. It’s just 10 minutes of Doug Flutie vs. the Redskins D, and gives you an idea of how awful the Bears’ QB situation was without McMahon:

  7. Dan Berg Says:

    I was at that game with my wife and what an experience. Of course, we were “Packered up” for the game. The Bear fans became so irate after the cheap shot we bought Bear’s sweatshirts because we feared for our lifes. That is when I really began to hate the Bear’s and their fans.

  8. Scott W Says:

    Watched the game live when it happened. Low water mark for a once proud franchise. Like AZWarrior said, I was embarrassed for the organization and to be a Packer fan. Mossy Cade was a part of that team as well I believe. Another embarrassment.

  9. Billy Boy Says:

    Dan Berg is an idiot…hate the Bears for the most despicable act ever on a football field….please! Read your other Packer fan comments. That hack should have NEVER played another game. Oh, by the way, RIP Charles Martin, so sorry to see you passed.

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