Packers vs Steelers in the Super Bowl? CHFF thinks so


Read here from Cold Hard Football Facts via Some interesting stats to support this prediction.


2 Responses to “Packers vs Steelers in the Super Bowl? CHFF thinks so”

  1. Scott L Says:

    Those stats make me feel really confident about Sundays game. Sure hope those guys are on the mark

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I would agree that the Packers and Steelers are the two best teams going in. But I was reminded of what happened to the Vikings last year. For the most part, the Vikings offense clobbered the Saints D–but two interceptions and 3 lost fumbles gave the game away.

    Some keys for the Packers on Sunday:
    1) Take care of the ball. That fumble James Jones lost in week 3 turned that game, and you can be sure the Bears will be looking to do it again.

    2) Specifically, Starks needs to do a lot better. I was rewatching some of the Packers@Falcons game, and there were at least a couple runs where Starks was really not holding the ball close to his body.

    3) Avoid penalties. 152 penalty yards in week 3 really hurt.

    4) WRs have to catch the easy ones, especially while the game is close. If Jones had caught that ball vs. the Eagles in the wildcard game, the Eagles might never have got close again.


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