Nice article on Tramon Williams by Jason Cole at Yahoo


Read here for the full text.

Jason Cole astutely points out that Tramon’s coverage abilities allow for Woodson to roam and wreak havoc either in coverage or by taking on other Dom Capers-conceived roles. That’s very true. In fact, when Rex Ryan goes off about how great Darrelle Revis is, one of the things he often says is that his coverage abilities allow for the defense to do a bunch of stuff that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. I think it’s the same with Tramon. He’s that good now. And for those who are uncomfortable with me comparing Tramon Williams to Revis – I’ll make you more uncomfortable: this year, Tramon Williams played better than Revis. A quick look at the stats from 2010 gives Tramon the clear edge – though I do realize that Revis necessarily has lesser stats because so many teams don’t even throw in his direction. (By the way, I think teams are quickly realizing just how bad an idea it is to throw in Tramon’s direction now too.) Still, when also factoring in Tramon’s game-changing performances so far in the playoffs, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Tramon has outplayed Revis this season.

The most shocking part of this article though? Tramon’s defensive TD vs Atlanta last week was the first pick-six of his career – going back to high school even. For a guy with his kind of speed and quickness I find this shocking.

3 Responses to “Nice article on Tramon Williams by Jason Cole at Yahoo”

  1. Dan Berg Says:

    I agree with you. TW IS the real deal. Hopefully, he takes one to the house against Cutler.

  2. Nick Says:

    He picked a good time for his first pick-six ever. Lets see if he gets his second this weekend….

  3. CindyV Says:

    According to the Packers, Tramon has been named to the Pro Bowl. Nice recognition but I’d rather he miss the game because he’s in the Super Bowl.

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