Favre wants the Pack to win?


Thanks to Nick for mentioning this article. Ed Werder at ESPN has some interesting quotes from Favre re the Packers. The cynic in me wonders if it’s all just another way for Favre to divert attention to himself (I found it curious that he announced his retirement the day after one of the greatest performances in playoff history by his successor). But letting go of the cynicism, I actually just think he’s right. Rodgers is on top of his game, the WRs are the deepest group in the NFL and the defense deserves a lot of credit for the momentum the team has developed in the last six weeks. I guess my thought on this is that IF FAVRE MEANS IT (which seems like a big if – just seems like such an odd thing for him to say after all the negative stuff he’s had to say about the Pack) – then thanks for the support?

UPDATE: After I read this Favre article, I believed it about 20% – doubted it 80%. But astute reader Tom F made a great comment that knocked some sense into me – I don’t believe Favre at all. How could he extend well wishes to Julius Peppers a few weeks ago, saying he wanted the Bears to knock the Pack out of the playoffs, and then turn around now and act like he wants the Pack to beat the Bears and win it all? As Tom notes, the only possible explanation would be that Peppers was lying. Unlikely. I do think this may be more of a PR stunt to get back into the good graces of the Packer faithful so that he can have his number retired. Or, possibly worse, the whole email may be a joke (his comment about GB having the best WR group “ever” struck me as overkill…though they are very good).


12 Responses to “Favre wants the Pack to win?”

  1. Tom Freeman Says:

    If he stopped at saying that he thinks the Packers are the best team left in the playoffs, and that he thinks they will win the Super Bowl, I could say, as you do, that he is just telling the truth as he sees it. But when he says “I think they will win it all! I hope they do, if you are wondering,” the cynic inn me takes over. This is so inconsistent with the guy who wanted the Bears to knock the Packers out of the playoffs that I can’t reconcile the two statements. Either Peppers made up the story a few weeks ago (and if so, why has Favre not denied it), or the “I hope they do” sentiment is questionable at best. Smells to me like he is trying to slowly rehabilitate himself, just as when in his press conference he thanked “the Packers, the fans.”

    By the way, I am cynical enough to wonder if that latter statement was deliberately ambiguous as to whether he was thanking “the Packers AND the fans” or whether he was thanking “the Packers (by which I mean) the fans.”

  2. travis Says:

    I guess if he can patch up some of the scars he has with the organization would be great. Prior to when things got crazy he was mine and half the worlds hero. Now I have a hard time respecting him.

    I think the only thing left that can be done by him is to come out and apologize for his silly actions. His prima donna personality and just the lack of respect he gave the organization, the fans and most importantly Rodgers. Yes we didn’t take him back after doing so several times in the past but he put us in this situation and we knew what would benefit this team in the long run.

    I honestly could see Favre doing something like this. The past few years we learned a lot about Favre. But the Favre that has come out in the last few years is certainly not what I expected him to be like when cheering for him for so many years.

    Maybe this wasn’t him. Maybe he never was like this. Just think, the whole Sterger thing happened around the time all this started happening. People can change and become someone their not but it shows he was a bit selfish this whole time. Its always been about him I just don’t think he’s completely the guy we’ve seen. At least I’m hoping.

    I have a feeling he’s gaining quite a bit of respect for Rodgers and maybe Favre will finally see what he’s become and acknowledge it. I’m not holding my breath but I it would be nice to at least say sorry. We did nothing as fans, as a franchise to him with disrespect. We took him back each year. And when it seemed official he came crawling back but we had moved on and were too far to retrace our steps. We didn’t deserve to be put through this as his loyal fans, as the franchise who loved and cheered him on each week.

    And who definitely didn’t deserve this was Rodgers. He kept quiet, waited for his turn and got no respect out of Favre. Favre apparently was never there for him, and he may finally regret that after seeing all the things he’s done so far. Either that or be jealous and selfish hoping to see him fail, which if this is truly the Favre we’ve seen in the last couple years, that’s quite possible.

    The relationship will always have a stain but I think fans, the organization, TT, MM would really appreciate an apology even if it wouldn’t change much. Its still better than to never say sorry, or admit you were wrong. And Rodgers would get something he’s been searching for the last three years. Acknowledgment that they were wrong about him. I think it would mean so much to him.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Agree with a lot of what you said. Especially the part about how Rodgers really didn’t deserve that. He never complained publically about having to be behind Favre, even after his really good performance in Dallas. He kept his mouth shut, learned everything he could and tried to learn how to be a leader for the team. He wasn’t perfect but I think he showed a lot of class and that plus his ability to play make me very grateful to have him as a Packer.

  3. awhayes Says:

    interesting thoughts Travis – an apology, while unlikely, would be interesting. Tom, see my update in the post – I forgot about the Peppers comment (and the hundreds of other things said apparently).

  4. DaveK Says:

    TT is considered a top notch GM. Rodgers has developed into a top-5 QB in this league. Favre has had a truly terrible year as far as his image is concerned. The percentage of people who still think TT and MM made the wrong choice in ‘moving on’ without Favre is pretty small. Favre’s knows his future and legacy isn’t with the Jets or Vikings. He is smart enough to know it is with the Packer organization and their fans. He wants that deal the Packer offered him three years ago. He wants Packer fans to adore him again. He has to mend fences and this was the first step.

  5. PackerBelle Says:

    I tend to think he probably wants some of his friends on the team (DD for example) to do well. But I highly doubt that he wants the team to win on Sunday, much less win the SB. Largely because it seems so out of character for him. Since he left he has seemed to hold a grudge against the Packers, as was pointed out it wasn’t that long ago he was hoping the Bears would beat the Packers and keep them out of the playoffs, so I don’t think he’d now be rooting for them. I’d imagine it would be hard to watch the guy who replaced you to lead the team that didn’t want you (in his mind) to the Super Bowl and possibly even win it when you just had the worst season of your career.

    I tend to think that this is his way of trying to repair his reputation. Especially given that Viking fans have pretty much moved on now, he probably misses the adoration of Packer fans. And that lucrative marketing contract the Packers offered when he first wanted to unretire probably looks attractive now that he can’t get $1 million per game from the Vikings anymore.

    I do hope that at some point there can be a relationship between the Packers, fans and Favre. He provided a lot of great memories for the team – including the playoff win against Seattle his last year with the team. But it will take more than an e-mail to Ed Werder to heal the wounds.

  6. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Notice this bit of historical revisionism (emphasis added):

    [Favre] originally retired in 2008 after the Packers decided to go with Rodgers as their starting quarterback.

    I seem to remember that the other way around.


    • Joe Says:

      Nice catch Dave. That ain’t how it went down. Personally, I think it would be better for Farve, the organization, the fans, the team and Rodgers if Farve just went away for a few years. Go ride the tractor and shut up for a year or two. Then come back for your number being retired and do some PR stuff for the team with Starr. Any roll Farve plays for the Pack in the future needs to be in the role of former Packer great. It is Rodger’s time and Farve should not be allowed to be that creepy guy who graduated high school three years before you but still shows up at all the parties.

      • PackerBelle Says:

        I agree.

        Unless the Pack wins the Super Bowl this year. Then Rodgers cements his place in Packer lore and Favre becomes one of the other two QBs who have won a SB with the Packers.

  7. Campbell Says:

    I have no idea what he thinks, feels or wants. I agree with Andrew Brandt that he was never the saint as portrayed in the past or the devil he’s portrayed as right now. Like all humans, he’s somewhere in the middle. It’s fascinating that Packerfans can’t simply ignore him.

    I did grin at his best receiving corps ever”. A nice little back-hanced complient

    • Campbell Says:

      Oops, I pressed send before editing my last sentence. I thought it was a sweet little back-handed compliment to Rodgers. To wit, you better win with that receiving corps. And he’s correct. I don’t think Favre ever had such a talented group vis-a-vis overall speed, agility. athleticism and talent.

      Good luck vs Chicago, but beware the young gunslinger.

  8. 56Coop Says:

    “But [defensive coordinator] Dom [Capers] and the defense gets the MVP award at this stage.”

    I think that’s also a back handed swipe @ Rodgers

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