Fascinating Hawk fact


Read here from this morning’s jsonline Packer blog. Hawk voted a captain for the playoffs by his teammates. Maybe the reason Hawk never seems fired up, never seems to make big plays, is that he is busy trying to exude a sense of calm over the defense. In other words, while he doesn’t get fired up much, he also doesn’t panic – as Bishop notes here. Very interesting quote here from Bishop about Hawk. Very interesting that he’d be voted captain by his teammates – who must think he knows what he’s doing. Makes me wonder a bit if Barnett may be the expendable guy next year…not Hawk.

Even with this bit of curious info, I’m still not sold on Hawk. He’s rather slow, poor in coverage and rarely makes big plays (unless he’s trailing a receiver and gets a pick on a lucky bounce). It will be interesting to see what happens next year.



One Response to “Fascinating Hawk fact”

  1. mark Says:

    proofs in the play-and i cant recall too many great plays by Hawk-hope today is different-as for captain- its not always the best player -the team probably just likes his personality -hey kinda sounds like someone else who got voted in somewhere.

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