The Bears will destroy Seattle


Just putting this out there in case there are those of you who are believing headlines like “The Bears can’t afford to look past ‘Hawks” or “Seattle won’t surprise anyone this time around”. I’ve just come across several similarly titled articles and it’s hogwash. Yes, hogwash. Seattle is awful. Seattle beat New Orleans in part because they had a flukish good game in front of their home crowd – an unparalleled advantage for them in the league. And, I’ve been saying all year that the New Orleans defense was not that good – and that the nice stats they produced were largely the result of playing a fairly weak schedule. Their defense was horrible last Saturday. Seattle was inspired, they played very well and deserved to win, but that won’t happen in Chicago. Matt Hasselbeck is a great guy (and I’d love to work for him someday when he’s a GM…his career goal by the way), but he’s not that good anymore – especially behind a questionable O-Line. Seattle will not be able to move the ball and their only hope will be multiple special teams TDs from Leon Washington and/or a Jay Cutler turnover fest.


6 Responses to “The Bears will destroy Seattle”

  1. Bill Says:

    Amen. Urlacher, Peppers, Briggs, Tillman and the entire Bears defense will be totally geeked and out of control in their first playoff game in 4 years, with their home crowd behind them. My bet would be that if the Bears offense never took the field, the Bears’ defense could outscore the Seattle’s offense.

    Knowing that the Bears’ offense will need to take a few snaps, look for Forte to really go off. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had 225 yards of combined offense. 150 yards on the ground and another 75 in through the air. The Bears O-line still sucks when it comes to protecting Cutler, but they have been very quietly been becoming a very good at getting Forte to the edges and the Bears’ receivers have done a great job blocking.

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  3. Scott W Says:

    I keep hearing from Seattle lovers that Lynch is the real deal and will be the x factor against the Bears. Oh please…dude averaged 2 yards a carry since arriving in Seattle taking that one run out of the equation. Yup….Da Bears will destroy Seattle.

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Probably… but:

    1) The Seahawks did just pull off probably the biggest upset in playoff history

    2) The Bears pass defense is kind of middle-of-the-pack

    3) Matt Hasselbeck has had a couple games this season (including Saturday) where he’s really caught fire passing the ball.

    4) Somehow the Seahawks’ D made the Bears look like dopes the first time around: 6 sacks, including once for a safety.

    I’m not saying it’s going to happen again, But I hesitate to say they’re going to be easy pickings for the Bears, either.


  5. Kozak Says:

    I don’t know. Seattle has nothing to lose. They came into Chicago and beat them earlier in the year so they have some confidence there. Cutler has NEVER played in a playoff game and it might not take much adversity to get “Bad Jay” out there. Hasselbeck is a veteran and HAS played in multiple playoff games including the Big Dance. I don’t think Lovie can hold Carrolls jockstrap as a coach. Eventually the luck for a team has to even out and the Bears are way way overdue for that this year. Hey I can dream. I hate the Bears and

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