Watch out for the Packers now


8 Responses to “Watch out for the Packers now”

  1. Scott W Says:

    GB/Atlanta Round back time baby!!

  2. Schaefer Says:

    Whoo hoooo!!! Payback time! I love the packers!

  3. Kai Says:

    I’m excited for the win….but man….we better start tightening up the defense in the 2nd Half. The Eagles were moving the ball very effectively and thank goodness for Tramon mad vertical skillz. Came very close to being a very sad day. Oh yeah….and where the heck has Starks been this season?!

  4. mark Says:

    AWESOME win but i still hate the prevent -run-a -down starting at 9 minutes left stuff that was way closer and nerve racking than it should have been.they gotta keep playing till the have a 2 1/2 touchdown lead with 6 minutes left.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I think (except for the Seahawks), the Eagles were the most beatable team in the NFC.

    But yeah, playing defense like that was awesome. I would definitely like to see the offense go a little more aggressive (and receivers catch balls that come their way). But I feel like there’s no team left the Packers can’t beat right now, even on the road.


  6. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Also, if Vick and DJax had been at 100% for the whole game… the Eagles would’ve had a real chance to pull that out.

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