Charles Woodson – it’s your time


I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. When Charles Woodson came to Green Bay, he came to the Packers with the hope of getting to the playoffs and winning a championship. He’s accomplished plenty in his football life, but clearly the one thing he wants more than anything is a Super Bowl ring. Charles Woodson is one guy who will not take these playoffs lightly as this may represent as good of an opportunity for his team to make a deep run. (I remember Woodson being particularly disappointed after the loss to the NYG a few years ago. The man is driven to get this title.)

Woodson may be a quiet guy who mostly just goes about his business, but we’ve all seen moments of passion from the guy – like when he makes one of his diving shoestring, TD-saving tackles and gets up to celebrate a bit. He loves the game and he loves to win. My guess is that few guys on the team dislike losing more than Woodson – especially when it comes to the playoffs.

Woodson knows he has a chance Sunday to have a huge impact on this game. Whether it’s blitzing, fake blitzing and picking off passes, disrupting the timing of pass plays, making great tackles on RB McCoy or the dangerous Vick, stripping the ball from anyone who dares run by him – could be any of a number of things that Woodson does so uniquely well. But there is something that tells me he may want this one as badly as he’s wanted a game any game before. A win here and he knows the Pack has a chance anyway, to get on a run and get to the Super Bowl. As good as the other playoff teams are, no team is much better this year, if at all, than the Packers. And nobody knows this better than Charles Woodson.

Charles – you dominate Sunday and I’ll buy a case of your wine!


5 Responses to “Charles Woodson – it’s your time”

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  2. travis Says:

    I think he’s going to put on one hell of a show in the playoffs. And pack better be ready to stop run cause mccoy will be getting it a ton on sunday. What better week for jenkins to return!

  3. awhayes Says:

    Agreed Travis – wrote in another column that 2 of my bigger fears are the Philly defense rising up and playing OK and LeSean McCoy. He’s underrated I think – arguably the best receiving back in the NFL.

  4. Ron LC Says:

    The key to this game is – MM and AR MUST, MUST, MUST generate an offense early and carry it through to the end. This has not happened very much this year. 4 ganes maybe? Injuries? No, more of the injuries have impacted the defense. Capers’ scheme was able to put 2’s and 3’s in place and still maintain a high level of performance. MM has not. If they go anywhere in the playoffs it will be because the offense is finally playing up to the pre-season press.

    Woodson, Capers, and the defense will not giveup 500 yards in any playoff game this year.

  5. Tom Freeman Says:

    His wine is pretty expensive. I would start out with a couple of bottles if I were you. And I do think he will come up big today. I just marvel at the impact this guy has.

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