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Nothing better than the Eli Manning-dejected look

December 26, 2010

McCarthy/Capers got ’em ready today

December 26, 2010


December 26, 2010

what wheels Nelson displayed there. Nice. now don’t let up. I want the Pack to remain aggressive and not let the intensity of the game get to them. Come on now D.

Let’s set the tone here – nice run by Kuhn

December 26, 2010

Packer fans most knowledgeable

December 23, 2010

Read here from jsonline. Poll of NFL players indicates Packer fans are comfortably the most knowledgeable out there. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Packers – 26%
  2. Steelers – 14%
  3. New York (doesn’t specify Jets/Giants) – 9%
  4. Philly – 8%
  5. Dallas – 7%

While I don’t find this too surprising, I do find it interesting. The top 5 I would have guessed would have been:

  1. Packers
  2. Steelers
  3. Redskins
  4. Philly
  5. Chicago/Cleveland/Buffalo – tie

For any of you still thinking he didn’t want to stick it to the Packers…

December 22, 2010

Check out this quote from Julius Peppers after talking to Favre:

“I talked to him after the game,” Peppers tells Michael Wilbon of (via Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune).  “I told him it was an honor to play against him.  He said, ‘Likewise. . . .  Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.’”







Rodgers cleared to play

December 21, 2010

Read here from cbssports – quoting

Need to post part of this comment

December 20, 2010

Great statement made by reader DaveK after last night’s game. I think it sums up our coaching situation:

“We need a little more Sean Payton and little less Mike Sherman in MM”.

I think this is very much the case. McCarthy flirts with Payton-ness sometimes (the fantastic onside kick to start the game), but usually he’s more like Sherman (probably not even considering going for it on 4th and 1 from the goal line late in the game to potentially close out the Pats). Both Sherman and McCarthy appear to get overwhelmed in big situations – frankly, a sign of self-doubt. Again, we have to be careful to give McCarthy a heck of a lot of credit for preparing the team as he did last night – no question the team was ready to play and in fact deserved to win. But at the critical moments, he continues to struggle. The Packers are now 5-16 in games decided by 4 points or less under McCarthy – that’s terrible.


Pack/Pats Game Thoughts

December 20, 2010
  • Man, we just continue to find ways to lose. Ugly.
  • That clock management at the end was terrible. McCarthy calling 2 timeouts without saving one for the very end proved to be quite costly.
  • Bulaga was awful on that final drive – just awful.
  • That pick six really hurt.
  • When we were winning 24-21, and had 4th and 1 at the goal line, we should have gone for it. I was busy putting my son to bed at that moment so I missed us getting stuffed – but that is a moment when McCarthy could have really taken a chance to put us over the top. Great coaches are willing to take those leaps – and everyone watching knew that going up by just 6 points despite seriously outplaying NE, was just not going to cut it.
  • Desmond Bishop continues to be a huge. Right now, he’s the only linebacker playing well.
  • AJ Hawk is slow. Really slow.
  • Clay Matthews needs to live up to the hype. He is getting manhandled in by one lineman in most cases.
  • Brandon Jackson did well tonight. He got things going and made some stronger, more decisive cuts. As much as I have to add that the blocking was better and NE’s defense, I’ll say it again, sucks, Jackson was good.
  • All the comments about how surprised people are by Flynn’s performance – by the end of the game – simply became insulting. Flynn was very good today but the rest of the Packers are very good and they were largely left out many of the pregame discussions.
  • McCarthy did a heck of job tonight preparing this team to play. The team came out, played hard, played inspired ball and generally – were impressive. When we rip on McCarthy, we do it because he deserves it. When he coaches well, it’s important to do the same. He helped us to a very good start in this one – right from the outset with the brilliant onside kick. HOWEVER, one thing he can’t seem to overcome is the fact that he’s not a great in-game coach. The fact that this team has not finished close games under McCarthy, as the graphic showed, indicates a real issue with coaching.
  • Tonight, the Packers deserved to win. We played better than NE. NE had their patented luck (that tipped pass to Branch was ridiculous) that helped – but great teams do seem to just have greater opportunities for luck I suppose.
  • Chris Collinsworth really wanted to chalk up any deficiency with our team to Matt Flynn’s inexperience. He went overboard with it. Flynn was very good tonight and I’m not sure that the final few plays of the game were really even due to Flynn’s inexperience. More than anything, the coaches burning needed timeouts and not planning that final minute well, cost us.
  • Mike McCarthy continues to not plan any more than one play in advance. If a coach wants to burn 2 timeouts within 30 seconds, leaving zero timeouts for the last minute of the game, then the coach needs to prepare the team for the plays the last minute and make sure all are on board. It was lousy time management but also poor planning.
  • Quinn Johnson, John Kuhn, Desmond Bishop, BJ Raji, Brandon Jackson and Matt Flynn were all good tonight. Clifton also had a few nice blocks on that misdirection play that worked a bunch with Jackson.
  • The team played hard, didn’t lay down and worship at the feet of the Pats, and came to the game prepared. Once again, it’s just too bad that we can’t close the deal.
  • We’re lucky that this loss won’t kill us and that our playoffs hopes are still alive. An argument could be made that our effort tonight may in fact inspire us to go on a bit of a run here. I think we can win these final two games – I really do.

we’ve had that misdirection all night

December 20, 2010