For any of you still thinking he didn’t want to stick it to the Packers…


Check out this quote from Julius Peppers after talking to Favre:

“I talked to him after the game,” Peppers tells Michael Wilbon of (via Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune).  “I told him it was an honor to play against him.  He said, ‘Likewise. . . .  Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.’”








21 Responses to “For any of you still thinking he didn’t want to stick it to the Packers…”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I lost my respect for him a long time ago. This just confirms that he is a jerk to me.

  2. Kozak Says:

    That’s just his dementia talking after the head injury he got from the Bears.
    Hang em up old man, you’re done.

    And congratulations. You sh#t on your legacy in Green Bay, and are now hated in Minnesota, Chicago and New York as well. Well done sir, well done.

  3. Bill Says:

    Maybe it’s not about Favre. Maybe it’s about the Packers. The way that I see it, everybody hates the Packers. It’s not jealousy because the team is always hated. It doesn’t matter if they are great, mediocre or if they suck, everybody hates the Packers.

    It not hard to figure out why. It starts with their obnoxious fans. I am constantly amused by the idiots on this site. I love the guys who put together complete game plans prior to each game and then break down film after games. It makes great reading. Packer fans really need to get a life.

    And the team caters to the idiots that wear foam wedges of Swiss cheese on their heads along with all of the other nonsense.

    Yep, it’s not about Favre. It’s about Green Bay and the Packers.

    • Dave in Tucson Says:

      Project much?

    • Ron LC Says:

      Everybody? Please define dufus.

      • Bill Says:

        Like I said. Packer fans aren’t too bright. They can’t even define the term dufus. Should you have intended to point that remark toward me: If that is the best response that you can come up with, you provide an excellent example of the simple, narrow minded Packer fans that I encounter on a regular basis and make my case for me. Thank you!

        Oh, by the way, when the NFL Newwork selected the Top 100 Players of All Time, Dick Butkus was #10, your bald avatar is #47.

      • Ron LC Says:

        Can’t answer a direct question? Not surprising for a Bear Fan!

      • Kozak Says:

        Hey Bill, Ray had 5 Championship rings with the Packers, how many for your boy Dick Buttkissass?

    • Campbell Says:


      Favre’s comment was honest. Who can blame him after the hostile reception he received in Lambeau this year. Cheeseheads think they’re the bestest, most wonderfullest, most blessed fans in all the world and how dare a player they dumped unceremoniously actually root against their beloved team. It’s been 3 years and you guys still huff, puff and pout re anything Favre says.

      #4 is done…disgraced. Time to give it a rest.

      • Scott W Says:

        My Dearest Soup,

        In reading your past comments, I come to the conclusion you have never been to Green Bay. All you have to do is go there, look around and realize that small town has an NFL franchise! Something LA lacks! Incredible! The Packers are community-owned as you know. They are OURS. It’s a Packer Nation thing I don’t not expect you to understand. You may smirk and sneer at the level of our fanaticism but this team is family to us. Favre is the first Packer of his stature that has treated the Packers with such disdain. #4 could have been the bigger man and moved on like a true professional but he became too big for the Packers and had to crap on his legacy as Kozak so colorfully put it.

        Do yourself a favor and go to Green Bay and feel what we feel. It may change you.

      • PackerBelle Says:

        Just because it was honest doesn’t mean it was appropriate or any less indicative of his personality. As for his reception in Green Bay, he was the Vikings QB and someone who tried to help another team beat the Packers (i.e. when he was with the Jets and called the Lions to talk about the Packers tendencies before the Pack played them in Detroit). Did he really expect anything else?

        As for Cheeseheads thinking themselves so wonderful, I have to ask what other team is able to exist solely because of their fans? And has sold out every single game since 1960? And all of this in a very small town.

        And Brett Favre was not ‘dumped unceremoniously’ by the Packers. He chose to retire and they chose to accept him at his word and move on with a guy they had faith in. And in contrast to Mr. Favre, the Packers have not been negative about him in public.

  4. Taras Bulbous Says:

    swiss cheese isn’t yellow

  5. Scott W Says:

    Hey Billy:

    Why are you wasting time on this “idiot” site? Got nothing better do do? Jealousy is so unbecoming to man of your station.

    Back under the bridge, troll…

    • Bill Says:

      I am “wasting my time on this “idiot” site” because of my interest in anthropology. I have long believed, and there have been recent archeological discoveries which verify, that there is a new branch of the human family tree which descended from the neanderthal. The majority of this branch originally settled in northern Europe 70k to 80k years ago. It is my belief that most of the descendents of this group have failed to evolve and have migrated, along with many other Northern Europeans, to the upper mid-west of the U.S., including Green Bay. My study of this site is part of my larger study into the primitive minds of this newly recognized branch of the human family tree.

      Here is a link which you may want to look at for more info, if you believe that you are capable of grasping the information:

  6. Tom Freeman Says:

    (Ignoring the troll)
    You know, I had just started to soften up about Favre. I did not like to see the way his career is ending up for him, and I was impressed that he played last week, when nobody expected him to, and when nobody would have blamed him. And then he shows where he is really coming from, once again.

  7. bucky Says:

    Favre has become a figure from a Greek tragedy. I used to love him, then I hated him. Now I only pity him. I don’t think it’s possible for him to have ended hos career in a more humiliating fashion.

    Although I do enjoy that it was my man Corey Wootton that ended it for him.

    • Tom Freeman Says:

      Not a Greek tragic figure, but how about Othello? The gradual descent into utter madness, caused by his rage over an event that didn’t even happen. There are some parallels there.

  8. 56coop Says:

    Well Andy, you’ve made it to the big time. You’ve got your own troll.

    Campbell, (you’re not the troll BTW) that is about the least eloquent thing I’ve ever read from you. Congratulations dude, didn’t know you had it in you to speak down to our level. The Sisters would not be pleased.

    You know the Pack did not unceremoniously dump Favre. It was a bad situation which both sides could have handled a little better but at least the organizatioon did not “go to Greta”. Hindsight being 20/20 I wish the Pack had just traded him to MN at the onset.

    • Campbell Says:

      Ah, Coopmeister,

      If my usual eloquence was found wanting..mea maxima culpa. ‘Tis the holiday season, I felt a mite giddy and just couldn’t resist joshing the fervent Cheeseheads re Favre. And it reaped the predictible responses. Their obsession with the former QB is utterly fascinating and totally intriguing. A true love/hate relationship.

      They do not want him..but cannot let him go. Parsing everything he says, seeking slights and affronts against their team.

      At the moment I’m not following any team. I’m simply enjoying the game of football. I wish the Geeks and the Packers good luck and most importantly, good health.

      ..and Sister Evarista has already forgiven my insupportable lapse.

      Causa Finita..:)

      • PackerBelle Says:

        Packer fans will do this with just about any major player from the Vikings, Bears or Dallas. Do you think there weren’t these types of discussion about Randy Moss when he played in MN (the first time)?

  9. Tom Freeman Says:

    Let me explain what really rankles me about him giving advice to the Lions and hoping that the Bears beat the Packers.

    I understand how, from his point of view, he holds a grudge against management. They (he would say) tried to push him out the door, and when he broke down and said he would retire, but then changed his mind, they refused to take him back on his terms. I put more of the blame on him than on management, but he is not totally off base in assigning some blame to management.

    But for him to hope the Bears beat the Packers is for him to hope all his ex-teammates get knocked out of the playoffs. Driver, Woodson, Jennings, Clifton, and many others. Obviously, when you play your old team, you are trying to beat them. But after your team is knocked out? To hope all your ex-teammates get knocked out, too? I can’t remember a player ever saying something like that. Can any of you? If so, I might hold this against him less. My impression is that just the opposite is the norm. “Since we got knocked out, I am rooting for all my old teammates to go the Super Bowl.” That sort of thing. Anybody have any examples?

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