Rodgers cleared to play


Read here from cbssports – quoting


3 Responses to “Rodgers cleared to play”

  1. Nick Says:

    This may be a crazy question – but with Rodgers probably somewhat limited in practice and seeing Flynn improve dramatically from one week to the next, would we be better off with flynn? Possibly save Rodgers for the rest of his career rather than one-two games?

    Just clarifying – I don’t know, just posing the question…..

  2. awhayes Says:

    Nick – a number of folks said the same thing on a radio talk show yesterday here in Milwaukee. It is concerning that Rodgers took so long to actually be cleared to play again and I worry for his future. It is definitely worth considering.

    I would say that if our playoff odds were worse, we should let him sit the season – but the Pack has a decent chance to make the playoffs so I think we need our best QB in there as long as he’s deemed fit to play. Also, of note, Flynn played against a weak defense last week. He was very good but that defense just isn’t in the same league as the NYG or Chic – so I think Flynn would find the going a bit tougher. And, I’d also add that Rodgers doesn’t need much practice time because he knows the offense better than McCarthy – one huge advantage of having such a smart starting QB.

  3. Ron LC Says:

    MM better keep the Oline in overtime this week. Rodgers can’t afford another concussion. The Giants Dline will give the Packer Oline trouble. They allowed 5 sacks in a game many think was a great effort.

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