Why would we punt there down by 4?


The Pats have had their way with our D in the 4th quarter. On 4th and 8 from their 40, it doesn’t make sense to punt. We shouldn’t have called a bomb pass there to a player whose head does not appear to be in the game (Quarless). We should have called a shorter pass play over the middle on 3rd with the understanding that we were going for it on 4th down no matter what. That is poor planning and I don’t like allowing a powerful offense to have the chance to ride this game to a conclusion.


2 Responses to “Why would we punt there down by 4?”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I would’ve liked to see a run to make it close, and then gfi on 4th down.

    But trusting defense to hold not an awful option, and it has the virtue that it worked.

  2. CindyV Says:

    Another chance to move the chains blown by a call to throw way down field. MM does that ever game.

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