Pack/Pats Game Thoughts

  • Man, we just continue to find ways to lose. Ugly.
  • That clock management at the end was terrible. McCarthy calling 2 timeouts without saving one for the very end proved to be quite costly.
  • Bulaga was awful on that final drive – just awful.
  • That pick six really hurt.
  • When we were winning 24-21, and had 4th and 1 at the goal line, we should have gone for it. I was busy putting my son to bed at that moment so I missed us getting stuffed – but that is a moment when McCarthy could have really taken a chance to put us over the top. Great coaches are willing to take those leaps – and everyone watching knew that going up by just 6 points despite seriously outplaying NE, was just not going to cut it.
  • Desmond Bishop continues to be a huge. Right now, he’s the only linebacker playing well.
  • AJ Hawk is slow. Really slow.
  • Clay Matthews needs to live up to the hype. He is getting manhandled in by one lineman in most cases.
  • Brandon Jackson did well tonight. He got things going and made some stronger, more decisive cuts. As much as I have to add that the blocking was better and NE’s defense, I’ll say it again, sucks, Jackson was good.
  • All the comments about how surprised people are by Flynn’s performance – by the end of the game – simply became insulting. Flynn was very good today but the rest of the Packers are very good and they were largely left out many of the pregame discussions.
  • McCarthy did a heck of job tonight preparing this team to play. The team came out, played hard, played inspired ball and generally – were impressive. When we rip on McCarthy, we do it because he deserves it. When he coaches well, it’s important to do the same. He helped us to a very good start in this one – right from the outset with the brilliant onside kick. HOWEVER, one thing he can’t seem to overcome is the fact that he’s not a great in-game coach. The fact that this team has not finished close games under McCarthy, as the graphic showed, indicates a real issue with coaching.
  • Tonight, the Packers deserved to win. We played better than NE. NE had their patented luck (that tipped pass to Branch was ridiculous) that helped – but great teams do seem to just have greater opportunities for luck I suppose.
  • Chris Collinsworth really wanted to chalk up any deficiency with our team to Matt Flynn’s inexperience. He went overboard with it. Flynn was very good tonight and I’m not sure that the final few plays of the game were really even due to Flynn’s inexperience. More than anything, the coaches burning needed timeouts and not planning that final minute well, cost us.
  • Mike McCarthy continues to not plan any more than one play in advance. If a coach wants to burn 2 timeouts within 30 seconds, leaving zero timeouts for the last minute of the game, then the coach needs to prepare the team for the plays the last minute and make sure all are on board. It was lousy time management but also poor planning.
  • Quinn Johnson, John Kuhn, Desmond Bishop, BJ Raji, Brandon Jackson and Matt Flynn were all good tonight. Clifton also had a few nice blocks on that misdirection play that worked a bunch with Jackson.
  • The team played hard, didn’t lay down and worship at the feet of the Pats, and came to the game prepared. Once again, it’s just too bad that we can’t close the deal.
  • We’re lucky that this loss won’t kill us and that our playoffs hopes are still alive. An argument could be made that our effort tonight may in fact inspire us to go on a bit of a run here. I think we can win these final two games – I really do.

12 Responses to “Pack/Pats Game Thoughts”

  1. Daybreak Doppler: Better Than Expected But Still an L | Says:

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  2. Kozak Says:

    Special teams again. Kudo’s for the onside kick. But letting a guard stroll 71 yards to the 4 yard line? Really guys? And that let the Pats up off the canvas and back into the game.

  3. Ron LC Says:

    0-6 in moral victories! MM will never be an HC that will get you deep into the playoffs. He might be ok as an OC not a take charge coach.

    BAD ST’s and poor clock management are the hallmark of the MM era.

  4. DaveK Says:

    I agree with all your game thoughts. This team just finds ways to lose close games. In my opinion, MM is in the top end of the 2nd tier of coaches. We could do a lot worse and in many ways he is a great coach. He coaches QB’s better then almost anyone in the league and he is a sound offensive mind. His players love him and he manages a locker room perfectly. He really is a good coach but I’m starting to think that MM is no Holmgren or Belichek or a coach that can take a really talented team and get them over the hump. We need a little more Sean Payton and little less Mike Sherman in MM.

    I hated the play calling on the goal line. The 2nd down FB plunge after the first down FB plunge was predictable and the Pats had 9 guys shooting every gap in the line. Horrible call and I don’t understand why MM goes to that big package and takes all the weapons off the field. He does it way too much. You can run for a yard in other ways on the goal line other then taking all the WR’s off the field and plunging into the pile.

    On the flip side, Capers is an amazing DC. Despite the injuries he puts this team in position to win week after week. Amazing.

    I need to rant about James Jones. The guy is just not a complete receiver and I’m not sure he ever will be a guy the Packers can trust to replace Driver. His routes are shoddy unless he is running a go route which he does well. He just doesn’t have a feel for how to adjust a route per coverage and situation. I don’t think he gives up on routes but it almost like a confusion or indecision to the point when he just flounders about. The pick-6 is a good example of that. It was a bad pass and Jennings was open on the slant but Jones ran a really sloppy route which really doesn’t help a QB on his first start. Besides marginal route running, he doesn’t have great hands and for being a giant WR he just isn’t great at going up and getting a 50/50 ball. Plus, his ball security is bad. His fumbles have cost the Packers games in the past. He is big talented WR but he strikes me as a guy that has relied on his skills all his life and just doesn’t have the attitude or mind-set to take the next step. He’ll flash greatness just enough to tease us but he has had years now to make the jump and he just hasn’t.

  5. Scott W Says:

    From Bill Scott this morning on Madison Sports Talk Show:

    “If Slocum is still the Packer’s Special Teams Coach next season he has pictures.” Yup.

  6. 56coop Says:

    2 plays could have completely turned that game. If CWood could have held on to that Brady pick just before their first score he could have probably pick6’d it. And letting a 300 lb lineman go for a record return???? Un freakin real

    All in all though, it wasn’t the blowout I was expecting andhopefully inspires them in the last 2 games…

    • Nick Says:

      He never would have pick-sixed that. He had about 70 yards to go and everyone in front of him. But that turned out to be huge given the pats scored about three plays later.

      I was at the game, and to be honest, I came away fairly pleased. Yes, the ST was pretty bad on that kick return, but I like the rest of the kicks and the onside was brilliant. Slocum is not a great coach, but he isn’t on the field tackling…..

      I think the biggest thing was the missed opportunities on turnovers. We dropped two INT’s and that resulted in ten NE points. We lost by four. You do the math.

      Flynn just made TT a rich man. They are going to be a plethora of teams calling for him next year after that performance. He looked great. That pick six, as DaveK pointed out, was largely James Jones’ fault. AND, bad tackling. (five missed tackles….)

      I’m not really that disappointed, and feeling good about the rest of the games – although playoffs will be tough to get to without winning out. I dont know. I guess there is always next year???

  7. jimthepackertfan Says:

    all and all there are no moral victories. we played good, better than most exspected but a loss is a loss. time management in the end was awefull. and i dont blame it on flynn or inexsperience at all. all knew flynn was in his first start 1 time should have been saved for that reason alone. the running plays and passes to the middle followed by no sence of urgency was awfull. remember the atlanta loss they started there drive if i am correct from nearly the same spot with 57 seconds and one time out. thee fact all players looked lost and confused with 24 seconds to go tells me that coaches fail to have a plan in place. had we got the first down we should have had time to get a couple of plays off at the end instead we were lost and confused and let all the time run out. as for cwood drop and whalens should have caught it they will always be part of the game but the mental breakdown at this level should not. with all considered flynn played great, to bad the coaching staff did not comprepared as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Scott L Says:

    Great comments. Why does it seem like Quarless only holds on to about 1/3 of the passes that touch his hands? I wonder why Lee has fallen out of favor. He was the starter in early ’09

  9. jimthepackertfan Says:

    NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are you kidding me!!!!!! this team has super bowl talent and WE continue to beat ourselves. next year is the yearly saying for buffalo, detroit, clevland, etc. not green bay

    • Nick Says:

      Yeah, I was being facetious.

    • Kozak Says:

      This team HAD Superbowl talent, half of it is sitting on the sidelines wounded. To win a Superbowl takes a combination of talent, coaching and huge dose of luck especially when it comes to injuries, and that has not happened for the Pack this year.

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