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Great statement made by reader DaveK after last night’s game. I think it sums up our coaching situation:

“We need a little more Sean Payton and little less Mike Sherman in MM”.

I think this is very much the case. McCarthy flirts with Payton-ness sometimes (the fantastic onside kick to start the game), but usually he’s more like Sherman (probably not even considering going for it on 4th and 1 from the goal line late in the game to potentially close out the Pats). Both Sherman and McCarthy appear to get overwhelmed in big situations – frankly, a sign of self-doubt. Again, we have to be careful to give McCarthy a heck of a lot of credit for preparing the team as he did last night – no question the team was ready to play and in fact deserved to win. But at the critical moments, he continues to struggle. The Packers are now 5-16 in games decided by 4 points or less under McCarthy – that’s terrible.



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  1. Nick Says:

    Just adding to my post from the last page – but the fan support for the Packers in NE was IMPRESSIVE. Very audible “Go Pack Go” chants at times, and NE fans were admittedly shocked by the turnout.

    Made me proud to be a Packer fan, even in a loss.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Let’s say the Packers lose two close games to end the season. They would finish 8-8. MM’s overall record over five seasons would be 46-34. You have to think he gets another year especially with the potential work stoppage and the list of injuries this team had this year. But, I’m sure TT has a list of coaches in his top desk drawer. What if the guy on the top of that list is willing to be the Packers head coach? Just to be clear….I’m not calling for MM’s job but if there is a coach available that TT considers a top-tier coach would he be gutsy enough to make a change? Is Dom Capers that guy?

  3. CindyV Says:

    While MM had the team prepared to play in New England last night, he did not have them prepared to play against Detroit. I think that game nearly kills the season. And let’s face it, the team (at leas the offense) has been off all year. The defense has kept us in the game and I thank Capers for that.

  4. Travis Says:

    Interesting to think about Capers being HC.

    My only concern. How would that interfere with his defensive coaching.. I don’t wanna see him be less effective because he has a ton more responsibility and duties to take care of.

  5. CindyV Says:

    Change of topic. I go to a sports card show once a monthhere in Wisconsin. MM’s father-in-law always has a booth there. He said Rodgers should sit out the rest of the season with this latest concussion. Now I see on Sports Illustrated Online that Rodgers is up in the air for the Giants game.

  6. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I think that MM is a pretty good coach, until it gets down to the last 2 minutes of the game, then he turns into a doofus.

    Sunday night is a perfect example. First play after the two minute warning (@ 1:58) is a run for 6 yards to the Pats 29 yard line. The next play doesn’t come until 1:23–really poor clock management to let that much time slip away.

    I know you don’t want to leave any time for Brady to respond (assuming a go-ahead score), but especially given Flynn’s inexperience (especially in high-pressure situations), isn’t it better to give him as much time as possible to get down to score?


    • Nick Says:

      I didnt mind that set of plays. I did mind the second timeout and lack of calling two plays for Flynn after the final timeout. (someone else pointed that out too, great comment) That was pretty bad.

      I know LSU isn’t a great school, and education in general in the south is pretty bad, but not thinking he can remember two plays? Now come on MM….

      I think my only other gripe was that on the last play Flynn didnt get a pass into the endzone. At least to give them a chance. That sucked.

  7. Scott Bolander Says:

    Matt Flynn and Joe Webb – Analyzing Young Quarterbacks

  8. awhayes Says:

    lots of good thoughts here. Cindy – interesting scoop info on Rodgers. My concern about Rodgers is that, even though he’s competitive, he’s way too smart to put his future in jeopardy by coming back too soon. We could really use him this weekend.

    As far as whether TT has the stones to can MM – I agree Joe, I think he does. In fact, to this day, I still believe that one of the main reasons he was not too concerned re Favre’s departure is that he absolutely did not believe Favre could win the big game anymore. MM is quickly establishing his own rep as a guy who can’t win the big game. (In fact, this week’s game will be huge – a loss in this one and my guess is MM may get canned.)

    Travis – very much have the same concern about possibly promoting Capers. He’s very good at his craft – some guys can rise up and be good head coaches, but I just think he ought to remain up there behind the glass calling defensive plays. What we need is a game manager – the kind of guy who is sharp enough to follow the game and make instant, quality decisions…like Mike Tomlin or Sean Payton or Bill Belichick.

    • Schaefer Says:

      Whoa BAD IDEA…Capers head coaching record is 48 – 80. Remember the last time GB promoted a good Def Coord to HC? Does Ray Rhodes ring a bell.

      An argument against Capers as the HC is the Peter Principle ( taken at it’s simplest …he should stay at his highest level of competency, Def Coord,

      • DaveK Says:

        He did coach two expansion teams which skews the record a bit. But, his last season in Carolina was 4-12 and his last season in Houston was 2-14. To get another shot at being HC he would need an amazing OC to run the offense. Someone like MM would be ideal but that just ain’t going to happen!

    • Campbell Says:

      “….TT believed Favre could not win the big game anymore.” How many big games have TT/MM and AR won the last 3 years?

      Favre wasn’t TT’s “guy”. But MM is his “guy” and I don’t see TT dumping one of his own. But how convenient to shunt all the blame to MM. Matty Ice…even Bradford and good grief Sanchez and his buffoon coach Ryan have won really close games this year. Jeez, I think EVERY team in the league has won a game in the last seconds.

      You either have it or you don’t. No matter the QB, Packers gave a golden opportunity on Sunday.

  9. Ron LC Says:

    If Rodgers can’t start on Sunday, they should hold him out of the Bear game. The Bear D is aggressive to the point of being Dirty and they get away with it. Let him m ake a complete recovery over the off-season.

    Paraphrase from MM this am:

    “There was no confussion on the last play. It was well thoughout and only the sack stopped it.”

    MM wil never change, ever, ever ,ever.

  10. DaveK Says:

    You fire MM and that entire staff gets shuffled. No guarantee you get to keep Capers after you pass him over for head coach regardless of his contract. It’s possible that Capers is happy and content coaching the Packer defense and just wants to put down a legacy in Green Bay. That would be ideal. But, he also could be very unhappy being the DC for a new head coach. I guess TT would have a feel for that before making a change. But, let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s hope they win the next two and do some damage in the playoffs. This defense will keep them in any game. Let’s hope Rodgers is back and let’s see if MM and his offense can make a run.

  11. Nick Says:

    I think youre right Andy. If GB loses against NY at home, I think MM is done after this year. The big game test is a good one, and we have one every week for the next six weeks (if we keep winning).

    Question is, who then? I agree Capers should stay on D. The one intriguing guy might be Jon Gruden. Think about it, started with the Packers, moved up the ranks, won a super bowl, and now may be available. Thoughts?

  12. RayMidge Says:

    The primary thing I can cite in MM’s defense is that the NFL seems to be full of mediocre-to-bad coaches. Other than Belichick I can’t think of a coach today who I would say alone improves his team’s chance of winning or who’s team doesn’t sometimes make stupid mistakes at crucial times. Lovie Smith, Andy Reid, Tom Coughlin- these are all guys with pretty good track records of success that can be cited on any given week as having coached poorly and even “cost the team the game”. The smartest NFL coaches always seem to be the ones without a current job (Gruden comes to mind as a guy who’s reputation since he has become a commentator suddenly far exceeds anything he earned when he was actually a head coach).

    Teams succeed in the NFL on a regular basis because of good organizations and front offices; the teams that promote stability, depth, consistency and organizational discipline (i.e. in signing and drafting players that fit their style and are good citizens). In any given year a team can catch breaks and appear on the upswing (Bengals, 49ers last year) or some bad breaks and appear to be falling apart (Vikes, Cowboys this year), but the teams with good front offices give themselves a chance to win most years.

    I think that Pack is one of those teams with a good organization/front office. My personal guess is that TT values the stability and the general positive upward trend that has occurred under MM’s watch and that he is not a candidate to be fired this year.

    That said, MM frustrates me as often as everyone else who comments here, but I do think the Pack could do a whole lot worse. What I would like to see is a new offensive line coach and/or philosphy. It is the one area of the team that has never shown any improvement since MM got the job.

    Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, Belichick, Bill Parcells- these guys are/were franchise makers. Dan Reeves, Dick Vermiel, Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner, Mike Holmgren- these types of guys seem to be able to improve a team but aren’t miracle workers. Everyone else seems to fall into the vast majority of NFL coaches including MM- they can succeed in a good program and fail in a bad one. MM isn’t worth firing, but he isn’t anything special. we could do worse.

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