Rodgers out for Sunday night


Read here from jsonline. Packers declaring he’s out now officially.

This sucks. While Flynn being in there does give us the remote chance for a Miracle on Ice type upset, I’d have to say things don’t look good for the Pack tomorrow night. Flynn isn’t bad and he will surprise some folks I think with his ability to manage the offense. And he has won a national championship so it’s not like he hasn’t played in big games before. But the Pack could really struggle tomorrow night – especially with a lack of running game.

Speaking of a running game, interestingly, this could be our only chance. I wouldn’t be surprised if James Starks gets more work than folks anticipate early as the Pack tries to establish some semblance of a running game. The NE defense is not good despite appearing to be better lately. It’s the Pat’s offense that has made their defense good lately and while that may continue Sunday night, if the Pack can establish the run and keep the Pat’s offense off the field, this could be a decent game yet. Of course, that is asking a lot from a coach with a toddler’s patience for the running game.


7 Responses to “Rodgers out for Sunday night”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    I agree with you on the “toddler’s patience”. It also seems he has an uncanny knack to call a running play when it fools no one. Like at the end of the Lion’s game last week. For goodness sakes, if you’re gonna give up on the run, give it up. Don’ try to run Brandon when the games on the line and you need yards. “I don’t believe what I am seeing. This is Detroit man”.

    I hope Capers can at least keep ’em in the game for awhile. Maybe this is the week the defense gets fired up and creates a lot of defensive touchdowns. Hey, a guy can hope, can’t he.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    After the way the reports have been coming in this week (no practice, no film study, no decision before Saturday), I’m actually kind of glad they’re not trying to force Rodgers to play.

    I’d rather have him back and healthy next year when we get Grant, Finley, and all the other guys on IR back, than have to face the prospect of Rodgers retiring (very) early due to multiple serious concussions.


  3. CindyV Says:

    I’m the Packers are resting Rodgers for another week. I’d rather he be healthy for the two remaining games we actually have a chance on winning. That’s to say that I don’t have much confidence in the Pack to beat the Pats…even with a healthy Rodgers. A team that cannot beat the Lions cannot beat the Pats. I’m not sure what the problem is with the offensive line, but they have been performing badly all season. If Jackson, Kuhn, Hall, Johnson, Starks and Nance can’t get any rushing yards, I’m not sure Grant being behind them would have fared any better. The O-line has been terrible for ALL the running backs. That’s on Campen and coaches.

  4. Ron LC Says:

    Any running game requires a Oline that can run block. So, much for that thought. The game is in Capers hands. They not only have to control an offense that has scored 80+ points in the last two games, but a QB who has thrown 19 straight TD’s with 0 ints, and force some turnovers.

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that NE’s D is playing lights out lately?

    No predictions! I just can’t.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Good news for potential wildcard spot: Saints, Giants, Bucs all lose.

    Doesn’t matter if we can’t beat the Pats, tho 😦


  6. Tom Freeman Says:

    Dave: I’m not sure that is right. I assume the Packers will lose tonight. But if they beat Giants and Bears (could be a tall order, but let’s just assume that for sake of argument), is there any scenario where the Packers do not end up as a wild card? I have been playing around with the ESPN Playoff Marchine ( and it looks to me as if the Packers have much improved chances, and possibly control of their destiny even assuming a loss to the Patriots.

  7. Tom Freeman Says:

    GB P-G confirms that the Packers control destiny even assuming a loss to N.E.

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