terrible playcalling


As brother Dan just pointed out – on 2 straight plays needing just one yard, we clear the backfield making it totally obvious we won’t be running it. While our running game is zero threat anyway, to remove it as an option makes defending the play so much easier. Just don’t like how that all went at all. terrible.

3 Responses to “terrible playcalling”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Rodgers can quiet a lot of doubters in the next 6 minutes. Come on Aaron, pull it off.

  2. 56coop Says:

    Caughht a break there–big time

  3. Bill Says:

    The people that post on this site are a bunch of idiots! I’m a Bear fan. Your team has been hammered with injuries. I thought the Packers were finished after losing Grant and Finley. Despite the injuries, Thompson and McCarthy somehow keep getting the job done. The Pack hammered the Vikings last week. Today’s game was a virtual draw. If the Pack played the Falcons 10 times, they would go 5/5, despite the injuries. Yet, all the idiot “geeks” on this site do is rip on the coaching staff. Well keep ripping, but McCarthy ain’t going anywhere until he wants to go. Freaking idiots!

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