Preview Pack/Falcons

  • I’ve had this game circled on my schedule for a while now. Not true, I don’t circle important games on my schedule. But I am excited for it and believe it should be one of the best games in the NFL this year.
  • I like Atlanta. They are a very good, balanced, and well coached team.
  • Mike Smith is a coach I admire. I can’t say I know a huge amount about what he does to manage games or much about what his coaching philosophy is. I just know he gets the job done and appears to have a very good sense for what is happening during the game. I like coaches like that – guys who react on the sidelines when things happen vs the guys who indicate they’ll have to watch the film to know what’s happened. One of the keys to being a quality head coach is being fully aware of what is happening as it’s happening.
  • Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers are two guys I’d strongly consider if asked “which youngish QB would you most want to build your team around?” These guys are both very good. Ryan has the same moxie that Rodgers seems to have and he has the raw talent to throw some difficult passes.
  • While we all got a little glimpse into why Roddy White may get the ball so much (he chucks defenders to the ground with impunity – see Balt game), the guy is still really good. Somehow though, I like having either Tramon or Charles on him right about now.
  • Michael Turner is a guy we could have made a play on a few years ago when he was a free agent. Brother Steve and I lobbied for it – nobody heard. He’s very good. He’s incredibly strong in the legs and has a rather low center of gravity. While we’ve been tough against the run recently, Michael Turner is a guy who seriously concerns me this week.
  • One key match-up might be Desmond Bishop and AJ Hawk on Tony Gonzalez. Even though Gonzalez at this point can be considered just plain slow, he clears out space around himself to catch the ball so effectively. I’ve been saying it for years – good basketball players/rebounders make good TEs because they have to clear space for themselves in both sports.
  • Atlanta’s pass D has been somewhat suspect this year. We could have some real opportunities through the air – especially if quality pass rusher John Abraham is either unable to play or limited (he missed the game last week).
  • Atlanta’s rush D, on the other hand, has been pretty good. They’ve given up the 6th fewest rushing yards this year – perhaps in part because teams know they can throw it against them. Still, we’ll want Jackson to break off a few 6-7+ yard runs if possible just to bring some offensive balance.
  • This will likely be a big game for Tim Masthay. Field position will matter in this one so a few nice kicks inside the 20 or a few huge punts from deep in our own territory would really be helpful.
  • Play action will be helpful against this defense to make sure that Abraham and Kroy Biermann are kept honest.
  • An early pick on Ryan in particular might help. He has the mental make-up to overcome one early pick, but it would really help our defense because I think we all realize that this Atlanta offense is much better than any of the previous 3 teams we’ve shut down.
  • A win here would be huge. In the end, unless some wacky special teams things happen, I do think that our passing offense will overwhelm their weak pass defense. Packers 27, Atlanta 20.

2 Responses to “Preview Pack/Falcons”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Well, as always I hope you are correct. It looks like Abraham is a go which is not good. Maybe he won’t be at full strength. Aaron needs to bring his A game this week and his recievers need sure hands to get by this one.

    Two quality teams working towards the playoffs. Should be a good one and hopefully GB comes out on top.

  2. mark Says:

    this is one of those games where mistakes could be the key- we have been relatively mistake free lately so if we keep it up then yeah maybe our passing could win it -but this game is scary-away game -a confident opponent

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