2 random Packer thoughts

  1. Since Brett Favre left Green Bay, we are a far less dramatic team. When he was around it seemed, as a blogger, that there were a million things to write about all the time. Now there seem to be fewer things. (Of course, part of this could be skewed by my life…and having a bit more of  one now – far busier.) But there was just so much drama before. I think a good part of that may have to do with our star player (Aaron Rodgers) now and his approach to the media – he has boundaries. Anyone who read Lori Nickel’s jsonline summer interviews with Rodgers would know he isn’t afraid to draw boundary lines with media, fans, others. He does this because he’s smart and it’s appropriate. Anyway,  ultimately I have to say, I rather enjoy quietly going from week to week without the drama and just following a quality football team that gets down to business and stays focused on business.
  2. Could it be that Desmond Bishop, who previously had been accused of NOT being assignment-sure, is more assignment-sure than Nick Barnett? Don’t mean to rip into Barnett while he’s out etc, but the fact is, the play from the two ILBs since Barnett has been out has been better, arguably significantly better, since Barnett went on IR. When coaches were desperate to explain their poor decision to keep Bishop off the field before, we’d hear silly comments about him not being assignment-sure. Not sure how you can or can’t be assignment-sure when you hardly ever play. It’s like telling the water boy he can’t coach at all… Anyway, every since he’s been in, he’s been very assignment-sure and what’s more, AJ Hawk appears to be complementing him far more effectively than he did Barnett. And the knock, interestingly, on Hawk before was the he was TOO assignment-sure – all he did was follow his assignment…not paying attention, for example, to RBs streaking toward the end zone because they weren’t technically his responsibility. Now, he and Bishop seem to be playing with a togetherness that is not only very effective but also quite refreshing.

2 Responses to “2 random Packer thoughts”

  1. Ron LC Says:

    You’re right on both counts Andy. The quiet leadership iis a benefit to the team and the fans. Every win now is a team effort, no one player is expected to perform miracles. Reminds me of another Packer great, Bart was his name.

    Bishop is definetly the better player. Barnett was out of position as much if not more than Bishop and had a way of making AJ look worse than he was. The AJ/Bishop combo is paying defensive dividends that few expected when Barnett went down. This will be the source of some interesting off-season conversations.

  2. Schaefer Says:

    just wondering, are you a fan of Desmond Bishop?

    wasn’t sure so I thought I’d ask…

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