Childress fired


Thanks for pointing this out DaveK. Jay Glazer reports (via twitter it appears) that Brad Childress has, mercifully for Vikings fans, been fired. Leslie Frazier has been named interim.

Too bad for Packer fans.

I thought this would happen – wrote it yesterday. Makes sense. I realize the season is officially lost for them, but considering the attention Frazier has received nationally the past couple years, it makes sense for the Vikes to see if he can do something. Nothing to lose by going in this direction.

Now, here’s a question: will Frazier bench Favre?


11 Responses to “Childress fired”

  1. Trav Says:

    Maybe that’s what Favre meant by ‘reevaluate’. Talk with Wilf’s to have them name a new coach. I am hopeful we cut the head off this beast and we don’t see a Dallas/Garrett resurgence. I just want them to be a non-factor and done for the year.

  2. DaveK Says:

    This is a tryout for Frazier. He plays the guy he thinks helps him win games. My guess is that is Favre if the GM/Owner give him that flexibility. It could be though that their GM/owner force him to play Webb/Jackson to build for next year and evaluate what they got. So, if that is the case is Favre willing to sit on the bench. He would give up $7.5 million if he retires. I bet he values his legacy more then that money. My guess, Favre retires this week saying it is a good time to leave and for the Vikings to start rebuilding.

  3. DaveK Says:

    The upside of this: it would be nice to see the Vikings beat the Bears in a few weeks. A new coach may help that cause!

  4. Nick Says:

    Actually, I’d love to see them get a resurgence. They still play the bears, and would help us out on that front.

  5. PackerBelle Says:

    Well the Packers are now (partially) responsible for two head coaches getting fired.

    From a Packer standpoint I wish Childress would have kept his job but this doesn’t surprise me. It will be interesting to see how the team responds. Frazier’s defense has not been all that great this year and the Vikings are pretty much out of things. The Packers are 4 games ahead of the Vikings and with the head to head tie breaker are basically 5 games ahead with only 6 games left to play. The Vikings would need to win every game and the Packers lose every game for them to finish ahead of the Pack.

    Assuming that doesn’t happen I have no issue with the Vikings winning a couple of games and worsening their draft prospects. They have enough free agents after this season that they will probably need some good draft picks and I’d rather they not get them.

    • Nick Says:

      yes exactly – I’d love for them to win some meaningless games and be stuck with a draft pick in the 10-15 range. Would be horrible for their future.

      Childress should have been fired when he failed to draft a QB in this year’s draft. Could have had McCoy for second round money…..

  6. Trav Says:

    I stand corrected – A one week resurgence against the Bears would be ideal, then they can go back to planning for next year. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. Kozak Says:

    Two games, two scalps. Lovey better buff up his resume before January…

  8. DaveK Says:

    Interesting stat:

    The last 20 games including playoffs:
    Packers: 14-6
    Vikings: 9-11

    Not that records means anything without a championship but it is a pretty clear trend line.

  9. CindyV Says:

    The Packers play the 49ers on December 5th. If the Pack blow out San Fran will Mike Singletary be the third coach to get canned after losing big to the Packers?

  10. Dave in Tucson Says:

    @Trav: a resurgent Vikings would almost certainly help the Packers, at least this year, because:

    1) The Vikings won’t pass the Packers for the division unless the Packers collapse (in which case, who cares)

    2) The Vikings still have the Giants, Bears, and Eagles to play. Strapping losses on any or all of those would make it easier for the Packers seeding-wise.

    But, as has been pointed out, Childress was fired for the defensive coordinator whose squad gave up 31 points on Sunday, so don’t get your hopes up.


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