Game thoughts Pack/Vikings

  • Tremendously satisfying victory.
  • Thanks to Schaef and son for watching the game with us – lots of fun.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching Rodgers come off the field with a huge smile. There is no question this game meant a ton to him. He was the difference maker he had to be in a huge game and it was over the team/the guy that Rodgers quietly wanted to destroy. Very nice game Rodgers – you responded big-time.
  • It was lots of fun to watch Favre and Bevell jawing at each other. I know things like that happen during a game more than we can usually see on TV – but that was fun to watch.
  • Hard to feel sorry for Childress – and as much as I don’t typically have sympathy for the guy, it was kind of hard to watch/listen to the fire Childress chant while Fox put the camera right on his face. He was hurting big-time while that was happening – couldn’t stop fidgeting. But the crowd was absolutely right – the guy is a bad coach. While it is a bit late to act now, if I were MN, I’d seriously consider making the move to give Leslie Frazier a trial run.
  • Defense was outstanding. Woodson was all over the place – when he’s on I’m not sure there is a more exciting defender out there. I find it sometimes simply stunning how Charles can see plays developing all while covering his guy – then make a break for it at the right moment and make a play.
  • Tramon was good early in the year, but over the last 4-5 games, he has played like one of the top 3-4 CBs in the NFL – no exaggeration. He’s been that good and right now, at the risk of over-hyping a bit, I think it’s safe to say we have the best corner duo in the NFL.
  • Bishop continues to add a presence in the middle of the field that changes games. Sometimes it’s quite evident – like on a big hit or a reliable tackle. Other times, it’s not so obvious. I’m finding it very interesting that teams either haven’t or can’t go over the middle on us as well as they used to. That is in good part because of Bishop, but also because Hawk has been playing very good football.
  • The duo of Collins and Peprah has become very solid. Peprah appears to have a very good feel for the defensive calls that Capers makes. Unless I’m missing something, when I watch him he almost always appears to be in a good position.
  • Matthews looked good dropping back and disrupting plays today. It was interesting because on a number of occasions, it seemed Capers pulled him back instead of rushing him and this clearly confused the Vikes’ offense.
  • Capers was money again. He called a fantastic game. The defense has a tremendous rhythm right now.
  • Brandon Jackson continues to be a very nice receiving option for Rodgers. He’s very sure-handed. While his running doesn’t appear to be anything special, his receiving and run-after-catch stats are nice.
  • Jennings looks like himself again. Wow. He is so smooth it’s fun to watch. He is the Fred Couples of the NFL. His catches look effortless, him turning up the speed looks effortless and even his breaking off of jams on the line of scrimmage looks effortless. He is really good.
  • Jones had a nice game and a beautiful TD catch.
  • There was a nice mix of play-calling by McCarthy today. After the first quarter, there was a very good rhythm offensively.
  • I really liked Nance running at the end. Even though you might be surprised to learn he only averaged 3 yards a carry – he runs with a toughness, almost guaranteeing those 3 yards. Funny too that he looks like Lynch.
  • MN just looks out of sorts. Like I was hoping would happen, after the offense got it going in the 2nd quarter, I think MN began to shut down mentally. I still believe they have a lot of talent, but they are just not getting it done. It’s coaching, it’s Favre being bad, it’s having some attitude issues on the team – ultimately, it’s just being the Vikings.
  • Huge game coming up next – and a brutally difficult one – at Atlanta.

16 Responses to “Game thoughts Pack/Vikings”

  1. mark Says:

    Favre was way off today -there were a few passes that he almost always makes that could have made it a totally different game- still we played a great game almost all game -2 in a row if im not mistaken-good to see some consistency -especially with a bye week-gotta keep it up!

  2. 56coop Says:

    The rest of the schedule is fairly tough for both the Pack & Chicago. Pack has lots of roadgames. Bask in this victory (deservedly so) until tomorrow morning and then get ready for Atlanta. Lots of games to be played yet but I see that last game a Chicago becoming more & more important. MM & TT have a good opportunity here to prove a lot of doubters (me being one of the biggest ones) wrong. Steady as she goes, hold the course, keep the killer instinct & go further than 1 & done in the playoffs. Not expecting a SB win ( would be a very pleasant surprise obviously) but a deep playoof run would be like icinjg on the cake.

    Packer Belle–Looking back on some of your past posts I gotta hand it to you. Very level headed thinking on your part. I’ll bet you are a gem of a woman, not to mention a great fan. (No, I’m not hitting on you, very happily married 😉 )

  3. Jake M. Says:

    That win is somewhere between “satisfying” and “giddiness-inducing.” Brent’s reactions were quite priceless. Hope the Vikes enjoy mortagaging 3 years off their future for THAT type of year.

    Other point, that Falcon game is HUGE for tiebreaker/ home field purposes. Win that, and home field is under the Packers’ own control (so I guess you could say they control their own destiny right now). Never would have thought GB would be in that spot a month ago.

    BUT, as Coach Holmgren might say, “We’re NOT…DONE…YET!”

  4. awhayes Says:

    good point Jake – tiebreaker stuff is something we need to start thinking about. The Atlanta game should be a really good game.

  5. Dave in Tucson Says:

    A few more things you didn’t mention:

    — 10 points surrendered in the last 3 games. 10!

    — Only one penalty called on the Packers (Zombo’s NZ infraction on the Vikings 1st drive). That makes things a LOT easier.

    — A very nice recovery after a miserably ugly first quarter on offense

    — Agreed the game @ Atlanta is very big. Could very well be for a bye-week in the playoffs. But I think the Falcons are a very beatable team. If the Packers continue to play like they have the last 4 games, they should win.


  6. CindyV Says:

    I’ll be at the Atlanta game next weekend. My first Packer away game. It should be a good game. The Falcons are beasts at home.

  7. Travis Says:

    We have some exciting games coming up. If the Packers can continue to play like they have we’ll be seeing great games because of the match ups. This will show if the Packers are a great team or not, we do need to win tough games too. And we need to be able to play in clutch. The rest of the games, were really going to see where were at, and how good and complete we are.

    MM has once again like he always has, changed. He coaches terribly starting the season or early on. And then corrects things. Let’s hope this continues.

    Rodgers is on again. Has pretty good protection and the WRs are doing really well.

    James Jones may of figured it out. He’s making those catches. He’s holding onto the ball. And he’s making big plays and being reliable and someone we can depend on. He may of got himself over the hump and this could mean great things.

    Jackson is running with a chip on his shoulder. To prove all doubters we can still run the ball to compliment our passing game. He’s great out of the backfield catching. With the couple of backs we got, I’ll say TT great job with going with your gut and not wasting something to get something we didn’t need.

    This defense is lights out. Capers is a genius. Tramon is amazing. His pick was fantastic. Our LBs are great, and Dline is really getting ti done. Safeties aren’t making mistakes. And wow am I impressed with Shields. Were going to have a pretty good corner situation with Tramon, and Shields. Draft another at some point it’s looking good once we lose Woodson.

    The Packers are running high right now.. now it’s time to show the good teams, whose really better. Let’s go Pack, this week, we make a statement. We don’t care if it’s in Atlanta, this is Green Bay, and were coming to beat you.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Wow, such a satisfying win on so many levels. Most importantly it helps us keep pace with the Bears. But, it also puts so many other things to rest about Ted Thomspon, Favre, Rodgers, etc…You have to feel good for TT tonight. He went through hell during the Favre divorce but stuck to his guns. It must be extremely gratifying to have vindication in such a definitive way. One franchise is a train wreck. They have 10+ FA’s after this season. A disgruntled locker room. A dejected QB. They might leave the state. On the other hand, the Packers have built a stable organization and put together a young talented roster that looks set to be competitive for years to come. The contrast is stark.

    You have to wonder what Favre is thinking during all the boos today and the classless “fire chilly” chants. The notion that MN fans and that organization is anything compared to Packer fans or the Packer organization must of came crashing down today. Not saying their aren’t great Vikings fans but they obviously as a group don’t have the same relationship with their team as Packer fans. I would think Favre understands that now.

    My guess is that Chilly gets fired tommorow. This season is done. If you include the tie-breaker they are essentially five games behind the Packers with six games left. Couple that with the locker room turmoil and an upset fan base there really is no reason other then $ to keep Chilly. The next coach can decide what to do with Favre but at some point they need to start making roster decision based on next year and not what is best for Favre’s legacy.

  9. Trav Says:

    A nice relaxing win. Have to love those as we gear up for some tough games. In the car, I had the chance to hear some replays of the press conference with Favre. They kept focusing on him using the word “evaluate” and seem to make it sound like the article from The Onion that Andy linked to was not that far off.

    D was outstanding today. Williams pick and how we drove on the ball shows how much he has come over the years. LBs were solid, including Bishop continuing to make a name for himself both with solid hits and also playing error free.

    The O line played well and was able to control the MN d-line and give ARodg time to move around and find receivers. While Allen did get one sack, he was silent for most of the game and for me, as an Allen Hater, that made the victory even sweeter.

    Such a nice way to spend a Sunday, watching our team dismantle the Vikes.

  10. Travis Says:

    Sounds like the Packers are looking at extending Bishop soon. Bishop has finally gotten the chance we’ve all been waiting for, and he’s shown why he deserved that chance. I am excited the Packers are making sure we lock him up. He’ll be playing for us, and he’ll be a great player.

  11. Nick Says:

    Just a couple of stats to sum up how I feel, and how the Packers are probably feeling right now (top to bottom).

    In two games versus the Vikings:

    Aaron Rodgers: 2-0, 43/65 (66%), 596 yards, 6 TD’s, 2 INT’s

    Brett Favre: 0-2, 33/67 (49%), 420 yards, 1 TD, 4 INT’s

  12. Nick Says:

    By the way – a good source told me the following:

    Mark Murphy guessed Brad Childress wouldnt be the Vikings coach tomorrow morning. That would be two weeks in a row the Pack gets a coach fired…..

  13. PackerBelle Says:

    This was a good game. It is nice to see the Packers dominating the teams they should be dominating and playing hard until the end. Last season, or even earlier this season ,they might have let Dallas or MN make a game of it by getting complacent with a big lead. They are playing like a good team should play. Now lets see how they do against teams that aren’t floundering.

    But this was definitely a good win all around. And it will be interesting to hear all of the Viking fans at work talking today.

  14. DaveK Says:

    Rumors abound this AM that Chilly is out…stay tuned.

  15. DaveK Says:

    Glazer just broke it….Chilly fired.

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