Ronnie Brown making a difference


While he’s been mired in a sub-par season on the field, off the field, Miami RB Ronnie Brown has been…awesome.

Check out this story about how he is doing what he can to try to reduce teen violence in an area that has experienced some particularly ugly school violence incidents (in/around the Miami area). It’s hard to overestimate the potential impact Brown may be having on these kids. Kids this age are so easily influenced. Unfortunately for some of the kids who resort to violence in particular, the influence is usually not positive. By coming in and taking an inflexible and very public stand against violence – a very cool Ronnie Brown is doing his part to counter the sentiment among some of these kids that violence is cool, or even OK. Nicely done Ronnie.

(Now, run over the Bears this week…with reckless violence.)


3 Responses to “Ronnie Brown making a difference”

  1. Dan Berg Says:

    Nice story. You usually do not see as many of these stories in Pro sports as you would like. I think this blog is great. Being a Packer fan in Chicago is tough enough but this helps. Thanks.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Thanks Dan. Welcome to Packergeeks – feel free to comment/vent anytime! Even though Chicago is a fairly cool city, I can’t imagine being surrounded by Bears fans. Good luck with that. (Couldn’t resist on this Ronnie Brown story – seems to me like he’s genuinely committed to making a difference like a fair number of other NFL guys…too bad we don’t hear about it more often.)

  3. rockbear Says:

    Reckless violence = 3 rushes for 10 yards ?

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