Does Brad Childress watch film?


The following is from here – cbssports rapid reports.

“Coach Brad Childress says former Vikings RB Chester Taylor not being used much by the Bears is less of a reflection on Taylor and has more to do with how well Matt Forte is playing. “Forte is healthy and has the hot hand,” Childress said.”

I wouldn’t consider the #21 ranked running back (in terms of yards) the guy with the “hot hand”. Matt Forte has had 1 good game this year against Carolina – and his 7.5 yards per carry in that game skews the rest of his stats. In 5 of his 8 games he has averaged less that 3 yards per carry – yes, less than 3 yards per carry. He even has a 1.4 in there.


5 Responses to “Does Brad Childress watch film?”

  1. Lumpy Gravy Says:

    Only one game with greater than 50 rushing yards (though his receiving totals have been impressive – obviously the Martz effect) is a telling number as well.

    Really, though, is it surprising that the man who has proven himself as one of the most inept coaches in the NFL over the past nine months would make such an asinine statement?

  2. Schaefer Says:

    uhm, I may be going out on a limb with this statement, but I think he’s not a very good coach

  3. Doug in Sandpoint Says:


    Childress is a huge idiot, but today on veteran’s day I am going to go easy on him because his son is such a stud. Don’t know if you saw the story on them hooking up in Afghanastan but his kid is in the service protecting our country so he’s not a complete waste of a human in my book.

    Was at TWS page and saw the link to last year’s veteran’s day film by brother Dan with music by Joshywoshy. How about an annual story/link to this page so I can tear up every year?

    • awhayes Says:

      doug – good point. I should do this for veteran’s day (though brother Dan is presently working on a more extensive project involving veterans that will cause even more tears).

      Funny the effect that reading a story like that can have on a person. After reading that story, my initial reaction is that I wished I hadn’t read that story because it started to interfere with my stubborn desire to hate Brad Childress. Fact is though, I admire his son hugely. And, as much as it pains me to say – I even have to say I admire Childress for managing through life knowing his child is serving – one of the most difficult things on earth for a parent to deal with.

  4. sfhayes Says:

    I wonder if awhayes has Forte on his fantasy team…

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