Several other NFL thoughts

  • Phillip Rivers is the best QB in the NFL this year – by a comfortable margin. To do what he’s done with such a depleted group of receivers is simply unreal.
  • My pick for the NFC title game, Pack vs Atlanta, appears to be back on track. While the Giants look awfully good too right now, the Saints remain solid and the Eagles are always scary, the Pack and Atlanta could well be there.
  • My Super Bowl pick also remains on track – Pack vs Balt. Balt looked tough against Miami yesterday. Ray Rice was all over the place.
  • Michael Vick is so good it’s scary. He seems so focused and comfortable out there. The Eagles with Vick will be tough to deal with if they get into the playoffs.
  • Seattle finally totally and completely imploded at home. This team has a split personality – doormat-like on the road and brutish at home. But yesterday, they got used by a very good Giants team.
  • TB continues to play teams tough. They are really good and need to be given the respect that their play is commanding.
  • Could the Rams with the NFC West? Possible. They seem to have the most complete team of anyone in that division (though I can see SF going on a run…)
  • The Raiders look pretty good. While both KC and Oakland have question marks at QB, they have quality around these guys. The offenses and defenses of both teams are sharp and getting better.
  • I don’t buy into the whole “wait ’til the season ends” approach to finding a new coach. Start now while the season is still going on so that you can get a head start on all the other teams that will be firing their coaches.
  • The Bears were lucky to escape with that win yesterday in Buff. Buff is better now than when the Packers played them – by a lot.
  • Detroit’s meltdown yesterday was epic. They totally, 100% outplayed the NYJ and deserved to win that game, but they much has simply laid down in the last 6 minutes to allow the Jets to score 10 quick, unanswered points.
  • I picked Cleveland yesterday knowing a rested, healed Peyton Hillis would go nuts. The Pats D is weak and Hillis is a very, very good RB. Impossible to tackle, strong, and he even has a bit of a burst sometimes. He’s also a good receiver out of the backfield. The Cleve is finally on the rise and it’s due to the emergence of Hillis, The steadiness of rookie Colt McCoy, their underrated O-Line play – and a strong defense.
  • Top 5 rated QBs in the NFL right now: Michael Vick (105), Vince Young (103), Phillip Rivers (102.9), David Garrard (98.8), Peyton Manning (96.1).

3 Responses to “Several other NFL thoughts”

  1. mark Says:

    its just been reported that Collins was fined $50,000 for his hit on Williams last night- as i said before i thought it was more incidental than it looked like – i think the team should help him out with the fine just to show unity.

  2. Aaron Rogders Says:

    Also, only the Lions could of screwed that game up lol

  3. Travis Says:

    Lions are really surging to become a really good team soon. They haven’t been able to play a complete game yet, whether it is because they got in a deep hole a first, or can’t close out a game. But in a year or two, they could really give a lot of teams a run, and could do some good things.

    Calvin is a monster. They have a good offense, that is producing. Even with backup QBs. It’s not a good sign with Stafford’s multiple injuries so early in his career and that seems to be the only concern with their personnel.

    They are continuing to get better and better, and I think this team will be a force in a few years as long as they continue to be smart and make very good moves. So far, they’ve done an excellent job in turning that mess around.

    I’ll tell you this, the last few years we keep saying they’re getting better but still aren’t a very good team. That’s about to change it seems. But it’s good to see a team finally put things together, it’s time for Chicago to have a seat anyways.

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