Game Thoughts Packers/Cowboys

  • The Cowboys are awful. One thing few folks seem to mention is that if the Cowboys fire Phillips now, they’d get a head start on the coach search – they’d get the guy they want…vs. waiting until the end of the season when it’s sort of like a free agent coaching free-for-all.
  • I don’t need to see another sideline picture of Keith Brooking. They keep showing him. It’s like looking at an old shoe repeatedly.
  • Should Martellus Bennett simply replace Witten? I had been a big Witten fan for years – thought he was good – but now I think he’s just one of those guys who is in it for himself sort of.
  • Desmond Bishop is a monster. I’m getting closer to writing a full-on  “I’ve thought this for 2+ years now, give me some kind of cash settlement for thinking this” post. But he just brings something no LB we’ve had in years brings (except Matthews – though Matthews reserves his nastiness for QBs). The last guy like this was Wayne Simmons (and maybe Brian Williams – one of the most underrated LBs in our history). Actually LeRoy Butler said something recently about this same subject – namely that Simmons was the last guy he remembers who was so nasty that others had to pay attention.
  • Clay Matthews talks weird. Just watched the post-game interview. He talks a bit like a Canadian-born dude raised in Louisiana, by parents from Haiti and California. Reminds me a bit of the weirdness of the accent in Salt Lake City when I was there last.
  • Clay Matthews is fantastic. Incredibly smart move by TT to move up in the draft and get him.
  • Our defense looked marvelous tonight. I agree with Collinsworth that Capers has been fantastic recently (not all season – but recently).
  • Our offense had a much better rhythm going on tonight. I was pleased with Rodgers’ play as well as the play-calling balance.
  • Brandon Jackson looked good tonight scoring TDs, but perhaps surprisingly he only averaged 3.2 yards per carry.
  • Dez Bryant is really good and many of the teams who didn’t draft him who might have had WR needs, whiffed. Period.
  • James Jones had a great game, though he should have had 2 TDs. But I think he’s just that good. Maybe Driver having the night off might just open up the playbook for some more Jones plays – which would be fine because it would just be tougher then for defenses to account for Jones, Driver AND Jennings (and of course Nelson who has become quite reliable since his fumbling issues returning kicks).
  • Our D-Line has been playing really well lately. Dallas couldn’t run at all. I think Cullen Jenkins being back and the acquisition of Howard Green are big reasons for this. As is the steady play of Raji.
  • Our O-Line is finally getting there. I’ve said this before but I think Bulaga is getting close to being an official upgrade over Tauscher – and this is coming from a guy who loves Tausch. Sitton is dominant at times and Wells and Clifton have been very solid lately. But there is one guy I’ve been hard on since he’s arrived (because he’s deserved criticism) who has been playing really well – and that’s Daryn Colledge. He has finally made the transition to arguably mediocre to being an asset.
  • Rodgers finally looked comfortable out there. His sense for when to run, when to pass, when to throw it away etc – was right on target tonight. He just seemed like himself finally.
  • I think Mike McCarthy thinks John Kuhn is Peyton Hillis. He’s not. As much as I like ripping on Kuhn’s lack of vision, speed etc – I have come around to liking the “Kuhn” chants from fans after a run – but also his tenacious quality. He just is a hard-nosed football player who will get that extra yard…without fumbling.
  • Jarrett Bush’s fumble recovery on that punt screw-up by Dez Bryant was amazing. I know the game was out of hand at that moment, but for him to pick up the ball while running pretty much full speed, while getting pushed and pinned against the sideline – was amazing. Dude is coordinated.
  • Nice for Sam Shields to get a pick. He continues to impress as a rookie.
  • Collings helmet-to-helmet hit looked pretty bad to me. Lots of times I think a defensive player has a solid case claiming it’s just too hard to adjust on the fly etc. But that hit kind of looked like Collins was going for the helmet.
  • Packers looked good. We should feel good, rest up, get healthy (especially Pickett) and head into the game vs the Vikes feeling pretty confident.

10 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Cowboys”

  1. tb Says:

    Hey, look! My shoes!

    Oh, I remember those shoes…

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    –Wade Phillips has clearly lost his team at this point. No reason not to fire him except money. It’s certainly something Jones could do to make the players happier.

    –I’ve gotta disagree about the O-line play. The Cowboys were getting a lot of pressure while it was still a game, and that sack was just ugly.

    –Man, is it good to be 6-3 going into the bye week. Hopefully this momentum keeps up in 2 weeks. A couple wins over the Vikings and Falcons would be huge.


  3. Doug In Sandpoint Says:

    I’m as pleased as I could be. Almost won by fifty. May have gotten the coach fired. I expect some real depression in Dallas now that they know their team is just not good at all. We ripped out their hearts early and had all internal organs out by the end. Now my cowboy hatred has abated a bit, I almost feel sorry for them. Nahh.

    Really liked what I saw of Shields on D and his return was a highlight. He even caught the ball! Sir Charles seemed to be regaining some of his (dormant) form. Matthews is a beast. Jones had moments where he actually ran after the catch. In all a lot to be happy about.

    Best of all A-rodg looked really comfortable. Agree he was making great decisions, but the play calling with thhe quick tosses helped a ton. The quick timing patterns were beautiful. Never did he look out of control.

    Perhaps we can embarass the Vikes so bad that we can make it 2 coaches in a row who are fired after humiliating losses to the Packers.

  4. mark Says:

    we had to win this game the way we did- we played a complete game finally- when facing a lesser opponent ya gotta win big and we did- its a good way to go into a bye.

  5. DaveK Says:

    Don’t underestimate the potential work stoppage in regard to coaches keeping their jobs. Coaches get paid regardless of a work stoppage. To fire Chilly, Lovie, or Phillips requires their teams to pay their salary and the salary for the next coach. All three of those coaches make good money and a new premier head coach is going to make even better money. Plus, the new coach probably wants to hire his own coordinators and staff. Teams may just not want to sink $15+ million in salary for the old group they fired and the new group they hire when they might have very limited revenue coming in next year.

  6. Sebby Says:

    I think Clay’s accent is Cleveland/Atlanta/California, earned while following his father around the NFL.

  7. RayMidge Says:

    I am somewhat amazed that Jerry Jones gets a free pass in all of the coverage of the ‘Boys demise. He is the one who picks these players who are dogging it and he is the one who ran off Jimmy Johnson and Parcells, two great hard*ss coaches and personnel guys who Jones didn’t like getting all of the credit. Jones’ ego won’t let him hire another strong head coach or GM and the ‘Boys won’t recover. Its exactly like Steinbrenner in the late 80’s early 90’s . . . the Yanks didn’t turn it aorund until the Boss was suspended and Stick Michael was basically given free reign of the organization.

    As for the Pack, this is the Rodgers that had everybody excited coming into this season. Very sharp, quick decisions and very accurate. Jackson has been good enough and is somewhat underrated at this point. Every analysis of the Pack says they “have no running game”, which isn’t true. they do miss Grant but Jackson has gotten better and better and is slippery in a way that Grant never was.

    The D is getting better and better, especially the D-line. It is to the point where I am surprised any time a back breaks through the line of scrimmage and gains 5 yards. TT also deserves credit for basically standing pat on the d-backs on the team. Peprah, Shields, T. Williams have all proven worthy of his trust.

    Very tough schedule down the stretch. NY and ATL will be good tests of how far this team has come, especially the run defense. This strikes me as one of those years where the team that is hot at the right time will win the SB. GB has as much of a chance to be that team as anyone else.

  8. 56coop Says:

    Well, this is interesting:

  9. AZWarrior Says:

    “Nice for Sam Shields to get a pick. He continues to impress as a rookie.”

    Well, your off-hand compliment is significant in it’s “understatedness”. Here’s an un-drafted free agent who has become a defacto-starter (I consider the nickel CB to be a starter) and we just matter-of-factly state “he had a nice game; Continues to impress”. 🙂

    And on top of that, he looks like he may be a legit kick off return threat.

  10. Tom Freeman Says:

    For more evidence of Matthews’ weird accent, watch this:
    I actually don’t get it. He was born in southern California. He probably spent his first few years in Cleveland, and then 2 years in Atlanta based on his dad’s career. But dad moved back to southern California (I don’t know when, but probably soon after his time in football, unless he was back in Cleveland for awhile, where he apparently had a car dealership. I just don’t see how southern California + Cleveland + a couple of years in Atlanta translates into his accent.

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