Will the Pack look at Shawne Merriman?


Merriman expected to be on the waiver wire as of this afternoon. Not sure TT is enamored with Merriman’s past behavior (Tila Tequila…etc) or if he’d be a Packer-type, but a few years ago anyway, Merriman was the best pass rushing LB in the NFL. I wonder if he might be worth a gamble to shore up the LB group – add depth if nothing else. Chances are, even if he’s a bit rusty, he wouldn’t embarrass himself out there and he might just get a few sacks.

There is one factor that should quickly deflate any excitement about Merriman joining the Packers: his contract. He would apparently be due the remainder of his $3.29 million contract – so probably $1.8 million for the last 8 games of this year. TT won’t go for that.

One Response to “Will the Pack look at Shawne Merriman?”

  1. CindyV Says:

    Merriman will go to the Bills.

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