The Moss situation


Few more thoughts:

  • My initial reaction to this whole thing was that Childress decided to take an extreme action against Moss not only because of his growing disdain for Moss, but also out of frustration for his team’s record, the criticism he gets regularly in general and especially for the criticism he gets for not controlling his team/Favre. Seemed like a classic case of someone who is stressed from multiple issues building up and merging together – which can lead to one huge stress event (in this case, the unilateral decision to jettison Moss). Seemed really stupid and as much as I think Moss behaves like an idiot (it’s hard to force your way out of NE, they usually decide to abruptly cut/trade veterans when THEY are ready…see Richard Seymour), I figured this was mostly just another boneheaded move by Childress.
  • Then I found out a bit more – that Moss had publicly berated a caterer at the Vikings’ facility for the food they brought in – apparently one of those shame moments when you feel so badly/embarrassed for the beratee, if you will, that you want to puke (or just punch the berater, as it were). The accounts of some of his teammates made it sound like he was totally out of control saying rude things. That’s not “Randy just being Randy, hahaha”… –  that’s totally uncalled for and there is no place for that kind of thing anywhere. And I don’t know this for sure but it was implied that Moss did this to someone from a restaurant where players/possibly Childress knew folks. Sounds like it was personal for Childress. Upon reading that, I’ll admit, a part of me thought for a moment: I guess I don’t blame Childress.
  • Then I thought more about the Vikes giving up a 3rd round pick and lots of cash. Then I thought about the fact that even when he doesn’t try, Randy is still valuable because he’s been opening things up nicely for Harvin (who is now injured, by the way). Then I thought about how Childress went solo with this effort, not consulting Wilf – which is a terrible idea. Then I thought about how the Vikes had to know that even though Moss is apparently older now, he had a recent falling out in NE, so he was still at risk for troubling behavior. Then I thought of that line in Airplane: “they knew what they were getting into, I say, let them crash”.
  • Then ultimately, I circled back to my original conclusion: Childress acted hastily here. He should have brought what may have been a fairly solid case against Moss, to Wilf. He could have cited Moss’ post-game comments, his clear lack of effort and his berating of some poor restaurant employee. Wilf probably would have listened and they may have even disciplined Moss (maybe, Moss had a behavior clause in his contract that he violated…if he didn’t have this in his contract…umm, why not?). But I’ll say it again, I think a not-so-small factor in all of this also may have been Childress’ bruised ego. He’s been blasted repeatedly for not standing up to Favre. He’s often criticized generally when things go wrong (because he deserves it and he generally sucks). And there has been a growing feeling all year that he just doesn’t have control of his team. So what does a bad manager/coach do in a situation when cynical defensiveness no longer seems to work? Get offensive and misdirect anger. I think that’s what happened here and it’s the kind of thing that usually gets a guy fired (especially with a future head coach waiting in the wings like Leslie Frazier).

3 Responses to “The Moss situation”

  1. Bob Schnell Says:


    I think it was a mistake from the start for the Vikings to acquire Moss. However, and this is just a guess, but I believe Favre had a lot to do with the trade to pick-up Moss, and also the fact that Rice was out. The actual getting rid of Moss was the right decision I believe, because Moss’ behavior had moved from irritating but mostly harmless to a deadly cancerous phase. Did you happen to see in the pre-game of the Vikings and Patriots contest there was film of Kraft and Brady coming up to Moss and acting so very friendly, it was sickening to see how sugary it all was. Call me a cynic, but I think Kraft and Brady did this as a psychological ploy to pal-up to Moss knowing it might soften his competitive spirit. If this is the case, if one takes another look at that game, Moss did not compete on any play for the entire game! He was ridiculous. I think Moss believed the Vikings were going no where in 2010 and got the idea he might be able to somehow get back to New England if he acted more harshly than normal, ergo the obviously boorish behavior at the post game meal and the refusal to travel with his team back to Minnesota. How do most organizations handle insubordination of this type from a person with Moss’ record? If I were Childress the way I would look at this situation is that I took a gamble and it did not pay-off, so I had to cut my losses as soon as I could. For Moss to get paid the amount of money he gets paid and to act the way he does is never conducive to promoting a team atmosphere. I am not a big fan of Childress at all, I still remember his refusal to shake MM’s hand after a loss about two or three years ago at Lambeau. But, given all the vehemence directed at him from all sub-publics (i.e. players, press, fans, pundits etc.), for basically everything is a little unfair. Is this not the same coach that led them to a pretty good season just last year? Yes, he has made his share of mistakes in 2010, however the amount of blame directed his way I think is way too much. What about Favre and his antics, what about Rick Spielman the GM are we to believe he is perfectly innocent, what Zygi and his erstwhile sons are we to believe that there actions have always been logical and right on target, what about Rice and that little game of holding out and having a phantom injury in the off-season that made it impossible for him to practice…did that really seem right at the time? Lastly, what about this wooing by Zygi of the community to support the building of a new stadium, hasn’t that added an extra dimension to the pressure that is on all the coaches to do well? Zygi is suppose to be a billionaire, I think, why doesn’t he just understand these are difficult economic times for the general american public, and go ahead and either finance the stadium himself or move it?

    My apologetically belabored point is, there are a lot of dimensions to the problem that we refer to as the Minnesota Vikings, and I think in totality Childress is taking too much of the heat.

  2. Campbell Says:

    I agree, it’s just a ridiculous situation in Eden Prairie, complete with Machiavellian scenarios all authored by their old broke-down QB.

    That being said, the internecine sturm und drang with Favre/Vikings is infinitely more entertaining to observe than the Packers.

    It’s also provides awhayes with lotsa bloviating material.

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