Vikings release Randy Moss


Wow – that was fast. Read here. Here are some thoughts:

  • Did Moss go on some sort of private tirade in front of Childress last night – directed at Childress?
  • Had Moss been a thorn in Chilly’s side since day one (possible considering Moss came on as buddies with Favre…who can’t stand Childress)?
  • Were the Vikes just tired of all the drama, the lack of effort, the undermining comments after the game last night to the media?
  • Is Randy Moss not taking his meds…seriously?
  • Did Randy Moss just realize quickly that Brad Childress sucks – and so does playing for the Vikes?
  • What if he fell to the Packers through the waiver wire? Would he be worth the gamble? As much as I’m almost always a fan of exploring a potential player acquisition, and as much as he would help make our offense really tough to stop, he’s just not worth the gamble right now. Interestingly, if we were sitting at 3-5, I might feel differently, but not at 5-3 with some positive momentum.
  • Regardless of how it happened, it’s pretty funny that it happened.

UPDATE: Not sure how this escaped the final draft of this post, but my theory on what really happened was that Childress took his personal frustration out on Moss because Childress was trying to regain “control” of a team he’s lost control over (because of Favre). He wanted to assert himself as THE GUY. Just read this from PFT that supports this theory – seems more and more that Childress is that retail store manager with the store keys on a key chain around his arm trying to exert control over things he doesn’t really have control over.


9 Responses to “Vikings release Randy Moss”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Wow. How much of a locker room poison does Moss have to be to get the boot from two teams in the same season? (Especially one as desperate for a passing threat as the Vikings are?)

    I am so glad he never came to the Packers.


  2. TGinGB Says:

    Guess it wasn’t the dream come true that Favre had thought?? In my book – just further justification that TT was right in not listening to Favre years ago when he wanted him on the Packers. We don’t need that poison on our team!!

  3. AZ Warrior Says:

    Yes – there was a rant. Look here:

  4. Cate Says:

    I just love watching the Vikings implode. Every day just keeps getting better and better up there.

    And no, the Packers should not pursue Moss.

  5. 56coop Says:

    No, No, No–Stay away from this cancer. He may be trying to pull a Favre. I mean, we all know that BF slinked his way to the Vikes to ultimately destroy them (Cheesehead TV, I think). DOn’t let Moss pull his version of the same trick

  6. DaveK Says:

    Childress has completely lost that locker room. Mort said tonight on ESPN that the players on the team he has talked to doubt Childress can get it done. The players just don’t believe in him as a coach. Childress knows it and probably blames Favre and Moss to a great extend. Favre and Chilly clearly don’t have a good relationship. Probably because Favre thinks he can run that offense better then Chilly and Chilly’s big ego demanding Favre play within his limited system. Throw in 2-5 record and a wide receiver they just traded a 3rd round pick for basically calling out his coach and telling the world he would rather play for the Pats then the Vikings and it all adds up to Chilly making a hasty desperate decision.

    Plus, you have Favre having to pass a concussion test this week. Watching Favre after that hit I thought he looked like he got his bell rung more then there being a problem with any laceration. If Favre fails a concussion test tommorow that sure would give him a good excuse to hang it up and get off the train-wreck that the Vikings have become this season.

  7. Nick Says:

    Regardless of record, this should be considered a fireable offense for Childress. I have read a bit from pundits about this being Moss’ fault, but it comes back to the coach/GM doing due diligence on the player before pulling the trigger. To forfeit a third round pick and potentially a couple million dollars for four games work is ridiculous.

    I dont always agree with what TT does, but at least we can say he is not reckless with the team.

    But mostly, I’m just glad to see the Vikings flailing in the wind like this!

  8. Doug in Sandpoint Says:

    This is so much fun. Only problem is that Childress might actually get himself fired. We need to start pulling for him as I’m not sure it is possible for them to hire a worse coach. If he goes, they will improve. I hope he sticks around to do more damage.

  9. Scott W Says:

    Moss can’t separate anymore unless he pushes off. Moss is washed up. Plus, he’s a D-Bag.

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