Why do beer websites make you enter your date of birth?


First of all, nice difficult barrier to get around. Secondly, are they afraid that if they don’t ask this, there might be some underage kids out there who have developed some kind of high tech computer/straw gadget that allows them to suck beer right out of the site?


4 Responses to “Why do beer websites make you enter your date of birth?”

  1. Joe Says:

    So they can demonstrate to the gov’t that they are not marketing their product to minors.

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    You know, if you put on your tinfoil hat, it blocks the orbiting mind-control lasers.

    Then you can actually put in something other than your actual birth date. Just sayin’


  3. bucky Says:

    It’s called, in my business, CYA. At least they can say they are trying to keep out those who are underaged.

    Although when you think about it, while it may be illegal to drink alcohol when your under 21, it’s not illegal to read about alcohol at any age.

  4. Joe Says:

    It is all CYA. Now you can say to the gov’t – those kids had to affirmatively lie to us before they could gain access to our site. Besides going to their homes and unplugging their computers what else can we do???

    They are trying to avoid the kind of advertising oversight that the cigarette manufacturers are subject to. No more Winston Cup, No more Joe Camel, because the gov’t decided this was part of a plan to attract new underage smokers. Alcohol wants to avoid that and these date deals are part of that effort.

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