Brad Jones out for the year


Not good news – another starter out. Though I have to say, as much as the loss of any player hurts, Jones hadn’t been playing at too high of a level this year. His hit on Favre (leading to the Bishop pick-six) was big and he made a few other nice plays. But Zombo ought to be able and step in without too big of a drop-off.

Picking up Howard Green might have been a good move. He’s huge and has experience on the D-Line. We obviously need D-Line bodies and at 340lbs, he’ll be more than just a body. Nice. (Of course, Green was just cut by the Jets so there can never be more than muted excitement when picking up a cut player.)

3 Responses to “Brad Jones out for the year”

  1. Joe Says:

    Not good.

    fyi – Will Blackmon signed with the Giants today.

  2. Travis Says:

    The nfl must read packergeeks and had read mine and previous comments from those who comment here..

    This is great news.. maybe they have finally realized it’s getting out of hand. And slowly are starting to suggest wrong calls were made. Although, I don’t see any changes with commenting about officiating coming. Maybe they’ll at least start fessing up and acknowledging the mistakes and hopefully find ways to prevent as many mistakes as possible.

  3. Ron LC Says:

    Great, just F ing great!

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