Vikes on the hook for Favre’s tremendous lack of value


Right now, Brett Favre makes over $1 million per game for Minnesota. Yes, $1 million! In return, the Vikes are getting the #30 ranked QB (68.0 QB rating) and the WORST QB with respect to turnovers in the NFL (14). For $1 million a game.


13 Responses to “Vikes on the hook for Favre’s tremendous lack of value”

  1. VaCheeseHead Says:

    Can anyone say “Pig in a Poke”. Add to that the $35k fine that Chillie got today for ripping the officials yesterday and it makes for a GREAT week.

  2. Travis Says:

    If anyone has been victim of very costly missed penalties.. talk to the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

    Either way, consistency in basically every game so far this year, Packer game or not, have been terrible. No consistency. Too many missed calls.

    What bothers me most is how the league avoids the issue. This is an important issue. I don’t expect it to be perfect, refs are human. But to pretend everything is right and nothing wrong happened is complete BS! Handing out fines to coaches or players who mention anything that suggests there was a missed call is BS.

    I hate Chilly, but it’s not like he should be fined. The league needs to understand what looks bad on the league is the missed calls, not the players and coaches talking about it. If they are extreme and completely calling them out without the notion mistakes happen, then a fine may be neccessary.

    But the NFL doesn’t address their mistakes. If there is a big call missed, you CAN’T just argue the right call was made. You need to be a man about it. The ref needs to, and the NFL needs to. It looks terrible on the league, yet the league doesn’t understand one bit. I don’t like the future if reffing doesn’t get cleaned up. Nothing worse than watching a game where the outcome is determined on a penalty or missed call that should or shouldn’t of been called.

    You don’t end the game last year on like 3 or 4 absolutely obvious missed calls during OT in the AZ GB playoff game. The game was a thriller, the entire time, and that’s how it ended? The NFL really has a lot of work to clean everything up. Too things lately that aren’t taken care of or dealt with properly.

    Reminds me of that botched call in an MLB game where the umpire called safe on a clearly obvious out that should of been the last out to a perfect game. I remember the umpire crying because he felt terrible for ruining this young kid’s dream. People make mistakes, but shouldn’t they acknowledge if they screwed up. Right from the time I was a kid when growing up, the lesson on owning up was a big one.. yet National, Professional sport teams can’t do so themselves.. Should the MLB have given him the perfect game? Absolutely, only because it would of changed nothing other than a blatant missed call.

    And maybe the biggest problem in the NFL is the rulings themselves. Calvin Johnson week 1 perfect example. If you wanna say that wasn’t a catch because of the rules, fine your right. But then smack yourself for saying that’s not a catch, because that is properly catching a ball, but the wording says it’s not…

    It’s just my two cents.

  3. scott Says:

    I agree w2ith most of your statements but the nfl and the referee;s do evaluate each ref on a weekly basis!,,,but I think chilly ought to fine every week for 2 reasons,

    1. he’s ugly
    2. he’s a viqween

  4. DaveK Says:

    Yeah, that over-paid turd was a toe tap away from beating the Packers on Sunday. The guy is still a top-10 QB in this league and he gets $1 million a game because he was the best free agent QB on the market and there was a team who thought they were a good QB away from a championship.

  5. Travis Says:

    Well don’t be surprised to see Vick there next year, and that idea scares me

  6. Dave in Tucson Says:

    @DaveK — even if Harvin’s late catch had been a TD, there was still 0:48 left, and the Packers had all 3 of their time outs. They would’ve had at least a chance to answer (it actually would’ve been a lot tougher if he had completed one of those last two to Moss).


  7. Campbell Says:

    awhayes..Would you be saying this if he had connected on that final TD? Enough already with the juvenile braying re Favre, it’s gotten old.

    If Rodgers had an iota of the old man’s intensity and competitive drive, I’d feel a whole a lot better about the Packers. As yet he’s still accomplished nothing but flashy stats and a woeful inability to win close games.

    GB didn’t win the game, Favre gave it to them.

  8. Dave in Tucson Says:

    @Campbell — you are absolutely right. If things were different, they wouldn’t be the same.

  9. awhayes Says:

    Scary thought Travis…(re: Vick)

    Campbell – what Dave in Tucson said – he didn’t connect on the final TD and even if he had, that wouldn’t have necessarily ended the game. That’s sort of like saying “would you be saying this if he had a QB rating of 100 and hadn’t thrown 10 picks and fumbled 4 times?”. The facts are the facts here. However you look at it, right now the truth is that the Vikings are not getting their money’s worth. That was the point of my post.

  10. nate Says:

    i don’t think brett wanted to be back i think if he was not pressured by his team mate he would be retired for good right now . the VIQUEENS terrible record is not from brett alone the defense is not playing at the level it was last year the only player playing hard is AP the, every one else need to step up there efforts on the Queens even the over rated Coach Childress.

  11. Scott W Says:

    The Vikings pushed all their chips to the middle of the table this year. Risky to do when you have a QB long in the tooth and a lot of miles on him. And it’s not just Favre…the Vikings are an old team….extremely talented but old.

  12. 56coop Says:

    Seems I am alone in this line of thinking but the effort Moss made on that last pass was atrocious. I agree Favre’s not playing up to his supposed ability but if Moss makes a little more effort game goes the other way. GB has no, none, zero, killer instinct. If a better coach is available next year I’d liketo see GB make a move. Just MO.

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