anyone else just realize that Cullen Jenkins was out?


I sometimes put the game on mute when I’m watching and I missed all the introductory stuff before the game last night – so I’m not sure if I just missed it being mentioned or what. But I didn’t realize until this morning while checking the box score for tackles etc that Cullen Jenkins didn’t play. I then confirmed it via the internet. Wow. And he has a hamstring issue – which is almost always a major, nagging, ongoing concern. Ugh.

This fact makes the victory last night even more impressive to me. When Jenkins and Pickett are in there, that D-Line is much better against the run and even in the QB pressure area too. Wow.

Forgive my optimism but when Pickett, Jenkins and Chillar are back at full strength, I think this defense may end up being better than it was to start the year. Bishop will keep making plays, Hawk has been making some plays anyway (though remains a weaker link), and with Chillar back to his strong-coverage self and Brad Jones maybe making some progress too – and of course Matthews back – and Harris and Bigby adding depth – and our backups like CJ Wilson, Jarius Wynn, Frank Zombo, Charlie Peprah and our CBs having now gained valuable playing experience…OK, I’ll stop. But my point is that this defense could become tougher to deal with – especially after the bye week when guys have a chance to heal some.


9 Responses to “anyone else just realize that Cullen Jenkins was out?”

  1. VaCheeshead Says:

    Don’t feel bad. The crack NBC announcers didn’t realize that Jenkins didn’t play at all and that Pickett left after the second defensive series.

  2. Nick Says:

    I only realized it after MM announced it in his post-game press conference.

    Jenkins hurt the hammy in the warm up and Pickett came off right away. It was a great game by Raji as he had no help from the bench.

    And VaCheesehead is right, the announcers didnt mention it at all. Two busy making cracks at how small GB is.

  3. AZ Warrior Says:

    I agree that it speaks very well to how the defense played, yet I’m concerned as to how long they will be out. I suspect at least one game for both. Not much has been written about their injuries.

  4. DaveK Says:

    I saw that on twitter pretty early and was surprised the TV crew didn’t pick that up. When Pickett when out I thought it was going to be a long night stopping A.P. with Wynn and Wilson in the game.

    Raji played about 60 snaps which is amazing for a big man. He was chasing ole Brent on that last play even. I worry about his stamina as the year goes along. The defense has taken a ton of snaps this year and Raji has been playing most of them.

    Wilson and Wynn held their well when in the game. Wynn’s sack was a big play. MM gushed about them today in his pressor. Capers played a bunch of nickel with only 2 lineman and even mixed in some Psycho package that really seemed to confuse Favre and was forced to call a time out. Capers won the chess game last night.

    Childress is just not a great coach. Despite a weapon like A.P. and a completely depleted Packer d-line he couldn’t adjust in that game to exploit it much. He just lacks the creativity of a great coach and I think that is causing the tension between him and Favre. Favre thinks he is smarter then Chilly (and probably is) and thus doesn’t always play Chilly ball. Chilly thinks he is offensive genius and wants Favre to play it just as he has drawn up. Two big egos scapegoating each other when things don’t go well.

  5. mike Says:

    how do you not notice that one of our main players is taken out of the game??? Especially if you watch on mute and focus on the plays?…. Not trying to bash you, but it just suprises me how it could be missed. And not just you, but don’t you all know the numbers for every player on the team and like to follow them as the game goes on??? Who is taking on double teams to allow a guy to stuff the run or who is sticking to there man in coverage all day, who’s making the big hits after running across the field…….Almost naturally my brother and I shout out whoever made the play or whoever stood out (good or bad) after each down! I dont know, I guess everyone is different…. Oh, by the way you might want to see how TJ Lang did!

  6. Nick Says:

    TJ Lang got owned on the D line. Pushed over at the goalline to let in one of those TD’s.

    And unfortunately D-linemen, especially in a 3-4, are easy to overlook.

  7. Nick Says:

    Romo injured last night – out 6-8weeks, should bode well for our game versus them.

  8. nate Says:

    i’m still impressed on how well we have played even with all the injuries

  9. awhayes Says:

    Mike – gotta admit, I’m still surprised myself that I didn’t notice Jenkins was missing. I usually pay extra close attention to the games (and yes, I too know the numbers of all the guys and take specific note of the guys who’ve made plays). But for some reason, while it seemed like something was missing on the right side, I just plain didn’t notice. (Maybe it was grad school stress!)

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