Amazing punting stats


Just read that Mike Scifres, punter for SD, averages 49.5 yards a punt. He’s second in the NFL to Shane Lechler who averages an amazing 50.1 yards per punt. (Of course, I still think we should have given up a ton – and we would have had to – to pry Lechler away from Oak before he re-signed in the offseason. That Oak wins so infrequently with huge field position advantages speaks extra poorly of the rest of their team.) Anyway, Scifres bombs the ball every time he punts it – but due to SD’s horrendous special teams play, he ranks dead last in net average – AT 25.9!!! That is such a bad net average it’s unreal. But it’s particularly amazing when you’re talking about one of the best punters in the NFL w/respect to gross average year in and year out. While some might contend he’s out-kicking his coverage units etc – Scifres is generally considered one of the better punters w/re to hang-time, so this horrible stat should be pinned on SD’s special teams. San Diego’s special teams has already given up more punt return yards this year in 6 games than it had in the previous 32 games. Scifres has also had 3 punts blocked. Amazing. If punters were divas, Scifres would have asked for a trade this year to a team that could help preserve his legacy as one of the game’s better punters. (For sake of comparison, Shane Lechler’s net average this year: a sick 45.6. If the Packers had Shane Lechler – I’m pretty sure we’d have another victory or two.)


6 Responses to “Amazing punting stats”

  1. Scott W Says:

    Amazing stats Andy. I would prefer my punter never have to take a shower after games…because our offense would be so friggin’ dominant!

  2. Ron LC Says:

    Can’t anyone kick out-of-bounds anymore? Whtiout shanking it, that is?

  3. Nick Says:

    Its too bad our punter has more like a 25 yard average, gross. Probably single digits, net. He is terrible.

  4. Nick Says:

    Andy – as a soccer player you can resonate with this – but why wouldn’t the Packers just try out a number of college or MLS backup keepers to be punter. Those guys can kick a soccer ball probably 80-90 yards if they would like, and a football probably 70-80% of that. Many a time in my playing days we would kick around footballs before or after practice and have better accuracy and distance than the football players themselves.

  5. Ron LC Says:

    TT just a suggestion, check out the Iowa punter. Two kicks for 121 yards, a 60.5 gross and 50.5 net. Your special teams are weak enough with having to deal with an inconsostent, piece of crap punter (he doesn’t deserve the name.

  6. awhayes Says:

    Nick – interesting thought. Tony Meola, MLS and US team keeper for years, did try out for the Jets a few years back. He apparently wasn’t terrible but not good enough to stick. One issue apparently for lots of college punters (and other dudes trying out) is that in the pros they have to shorten their approach in order to get the punts off without having them blocked. Kevin Stemke, a fantastic college punter from Wisconsin, apparently couldn’t make it in the pros in part because he used 1/2 step to 1 full step too many on his approach. If getting it off on time were not an issue, Stemke would be a Pro Bowl punter right now. That said, you’d think that some guy (like a goalie, with a massive leg) could stick around on our practice squad for a year or something and be trained – and eventually get it.

    Ron, I would rather have the Badger punter who ran the fake punt! Seriously, I did see that Iowa punter blast one today – the 71 yard punt. Looked like Gilreath had no chance to even field it, it was such a huge kick.

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