Trade deadline slowly…fading…


I had a drafted post of some trade thoughts- mostly because I enjoy thinking about trade scenarios despite knowing they won’t happen with this GM. But other obligations (like work) have interfered. Anyway, suffice it to say, I wish we had made a bunch of trades (or at least 1-2 big ones).


7 Responses to “Trade deadline slowly…fading…”

  1. 56coop Says:

    Sorry AW. It’s all a dream. TT is what he is, & GB is what it is. 2010 will turn out to be what it is, which at this point I’m about willing to say, not too much.

    But, the little guy on my other shoulder, the one with wings, keeps telling me– 10 weeks left, mediocrity in the NFC North, maybe, just maybe.

    Then the guy on my other shoulder, the one with horns, keeps saying, so what if you make the playoffs? Think you’re not at best, one & done?

    So goes the life of a Packer fan since Holmgren defected to Seattle. Oh, what could have been.

  2. bucky Says:

    I guess my take is just the opposite. I think it’s a tribute to the depth of this team that, despite the ridiculous number of injuries to key players, we are about three plays away from being undefeated. I think Thompson has done a remarkable job of putting together a great deal of talent.

    What we’ve done with that talent is another story. I’m not overly impressed with McCarthy this season, especially with the offensive game plans we’ve seen, and the in-game adjustments. He seems particularly unable to capitalize on the things that opposing defenses have been giving us this season, which is really frustrating to watch.

    Still- we are 3-3, ahead of the Vikes and only one game behind the Bears with a rematch in Lambeau still to come. If this team can figure it out, we can get to the postseason. And once there- there is no one else who I’d be afraid to play if we play well. Even the Saints have been stinking up the joint. I’m still optimistic.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Bucky – do you think that TT should have been more aggressive pursuing Lynch or another RB? How do you feeling about our punting situation since TT arrived? Do you think he has done all he can do this year to make this team better? I don’t. I think he could have added a player or two to make this team better. I also think adding another guy or two could have given this team a positive psychological jolt – something this team needs because this is as mentally/emotionally flat a Packer team as I’ve seen in a long time. Part of the issue I have with TT is he puts SO much faith in McCarthy and the coaching staff. TT’s whole philosophy is predicated on the coaches developing HIS players – but if the coaches are struggling with this TT may need to step in and do something about it (like adding different players who might respond better to the coaching…or of course, looking at different coaches.)

    All this written, I don’t think TT has been a bad GM necessarily. In fact, I think he’s done a lot to build talent from within and he’s made some absolutely unbelievable draft picks (Rodgers, Finley, Matthews, etc). I just think he could do a bit more to round out the roster for this team.

    I do agree that McCarthy is shaky this season – so is Rodgers and so is the O-Line…again. (Tauscher and Bulaga have made for an awful RT combo this year – awful.) But I also agree that there is no need to jump ship just yet – the NFC feels pretty much wide open.

  4. Joe Says:

    I think TT should have gotten help at D-Line or safety. I think it would have been a bad idea to go after Lynch. Why bother with a top flight RB if the dang coach is only gonna give him 10 carries a game anyway.

    I am not a big Jackson fan but what difference does it make who the RB is if he is only gonna get the ball 10 or 12 times a game. Jackson averaged 4.4. ypc last week. Why not give him the ball more? He also looked pretty good, made a few guys miss on some plays and ran very hard. Sure, he missed some holes – but the holes were there and given him 20 carries and he’ll hit them.

    As for the o-line especially the tackles. Of course they look shaky. Every time they line up, the DE/OLB flat out knows that it is gonna be a pass play. The lineman are at a disadvantage every single play because the defenders do not have to worry about the run – and this is not a RB issues, it is a play calling issue. Even if the RB completely sucked the defense would have to think about the run if he was getting 20 carries a game. Now they just pin their ears back and go for the QB on every play.

  5. awhayes Says:

    valid points Joe – the predictability of the offense does indeed make playing defense much easier. And it makes things brutal for our O-Line. (Though Bulaga and Tausch have been revolving doors at RT – Bulaga gave up 3 sacks last week.) My theory is that at the heart of the out-of-whack pass/run ratio is McCarthy’s own lack of faith in the running game. Other defenses sniff this out (like a dog senses your fear) and it snowballs from there. Then, McCarthy tries to force the running game back into the picture at odd points later in the game because he becomes hyper conscious of the fact that he abandoned the run earlier…because he has no faith in it.

    I think adding a RB like Lynch would have commanded immediate respect for our running game. (It did for Seattle already last week.) And, over time, it would have restored our coach’s own faith in the running game – leading to a better run/pass ratio. But I agree – we could have also grabbed a D-Lineman, and especially in the last few weeks, gone after a LB or two, an OLB in particular. I don’t mind the Anthony Smith deal – think that could help. But the one position we probably should have made a big-time deal for is punter. While I do think Masthay will ultimately be an upgrade over Kapinos, we seem to just settle at this position. Imagine how much better our field position would be with Shane Lechler!

  6. bucky Says:


    I don’t like our punter, although I’d suggest it’s a (slight) improvement from the past few years. Getting rid of Ryan was ridiculous and has haunted the team ever since. I’m not sure who I’d pursue right now, but the punting game (and, more generally, special teams) has been a real Achilles’ Heel for this team.

    I do not think we ought to have gone after Marshawn Lynch or another RB. It’s not that I’m a big fan of Brandon Jackson (although he has done well the past few weeks in limited opportunities); it’s more that I’ve seen too many teams perform at a Super Bowl level with relatively pedestrian running attacks. See, e.g., the past 4 Super Bowl participants.

    I do think that Thompson has more faith in McCarthy than I currently do. As I noted above, McCarthy seems unable to make in-game adjustments to focus on what works and discard what doesn’t. He seems like he has a set game plan and he’s sticking to it no matter what’s happening on the field.

  7. Ron LC Says:

    Talking about the close losses is reminisent of an old saying my Italian grandfather always pulled out when I deferred to the what could have been arguement. “Wish in one hand and crap in the other and tell me which one filled up first.” In short a good offense would have found ways to win. The fact is the offense could have won each of those games. The fact that they didn’t is on MM and Rodgers. Niether of them has produced a good performance all year.

    TT and trades – Don’t make me laugh. He is managing the payroll – PERIOD. Why do you think he picked up Smith?

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