Matthews listed as doubtful for Sunday


Ugh – I know they’re just being cautious, but this is not good. His presence on the field has a dramatic effect on the game (as evidenced by our defensive near-collapse last Sunday after his injury). I also read yesterday that Chillar and Mike Neal both suffered setbacks w/re to their injuries – that’s not good either.

I almost wonder if Capers might be thinking about ways to bring pressure up the middle with Bishop. I think after Matthews, he’s the best LB w/re to pressuring the QB. He has the same relentless quality. Frank Zombo looked OK earlier this year, but overall hasn’t been that good.

Other guys will need to step up. This may end up being one of those weeks where Charles Woodson somehow just takes over the game from his CB spot. I think we may need that this week.


One Response to “Matthews listed as doubtful for Sunday”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    When Matthews was in, the defense absolutely dominated the Redskins. After he was out, they were still (mostly) good, though not quite as dominatig. They did have one awful play (the long McNabb-to-Armstrong TD pass).

    Other than that, the Redskins had two FG tries (one missed, two good), a punt and an interception (with the final FG, of course, coming on a short field).

    The defense did fine: if the Packers D holds their opponent to 13 points through regulation, that should be a win every time.


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