Barnett officially out for the year


Thanks to Cindy V for pointing this out to me. Barnett is done for the year – read here. Unfortunate but expected. This is certainly a loss as I’ve said before and it particularly hurts us at a position (LB) where I’ve insisted for a while we’re not as deep as people think (mostly because the quality of LBs is just not that great). Anyway, that said, Barnett just hasn’t been much of a force out there for the last 1.5 years or so. He was solid mostly, but just not THAT great.

I still contend, at the risk of being that “always see the bright side guy”…which I’m not typically, that some of these injuries will open up opportunities for guys who will eventually be better than the lost injured player. Desmond Bishop looked really good last week against Wash and though Peprah had some rough spots, I think he could end up being more effective than Morgan Burnett was. Also, Bryan Bulaga was solid and so was Mike Neal before getting hurt again now this week apparently. Anyway, my point is that while I’d rather not have had any injuries because it messes with our depth, it may open the door for some better play…possibly.

Of note, the Packers also re-acquired Mike Montgomery. He was never a bad player for the Pack and I do think he could help shore up the D-Line a bit. Nice addition.


One Response to “Barnett officially out for the year”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying and I like Bulaga–just hope he works on his technique a bit. I saw a couple of pretty obvious holding non calls against him last week. Course I suppose if one looks hard enough holding could be called somewhere on about every playt.

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