Just trade for Steve Slaton


Ok – I’ll say it one last time: just make the trade. At this point, Steve Slaton has fallen to the #3 RB position in Houston behind Arian Foster and newly acquired (and apparently rather fat and out of shape) Derrick Ward. Even though the depth chart says he’s #2, he’s not. While some believe this decline in opportunity is due to a possible decline in skill level, I don’t. There are other factors. Last year he was hurt, so some time was spent recovering. And last year, he also had a fumbling issue. I also believe that the Hou O-Line, toward the beginning of the year last year, was not run blocking well – their focus was on pass blocking. So Slaton was a victim of that.

But the biggest factor here is the doghouse factor. Gary Kubiak doesn’t like Steve Slaton and I think it may be solely because of his fumbles last year. (For the record, Slaton only fumbled 2x in 2008 when he rushed 268 times for nearly 1300 yards averaging 4.8 yards per carry…he also had 50 receptions). The RB’s coach and other offensive coaches were raving about Slaton in the preseason – talking about how he looked like himself again (after recovering from the injury) and how he still had the dynamic skill set that sets him apart.

So, that brings me to my point: why not make a play for a guy like this who is in the doghouse? If the other offensive coaches are to be believed, Slaton still has it. He is a great runner, has better hands than most RBs in the league w/re to catching the ball out of the backfield, and the bonus is that he could be a great return guy as well. At this point, considering they got him for a 3rd round pick and considering Gary Kubiak doesn’t like him – I bet they let him go for a 4th round pick or a 5th rounder …maybe even a 6th rounder.


4 Responses to “Just trade for Steve Slaton”

  1. Green Bay Packers News & Daily Links for 10.15.10 | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] Hayes of Packergeeks won't be satisfied until the Packers trade for a running back. He offers Houston's Steve Slaton. "If the other offensive coaches are to be believed, Slaton still has it," writes Hayes. "He is a […]

  2. Nick Says:

    Yeah, I agree. Just dont think TT will do it, unfortunately.

  3. Nick Says:

    also – SD is reporting they will release Shawne Merriman once he comes off the injured list. Pack should pick him up to add depth at LB. He was a great pass rusher, and would/could complement Matthews well.

    And, being he would be released, TT can afford him. Merriman can enjoy a season or so in GB and then go get a big contract if he plays well. Plus, he can play on a contender. Win-win for both sides.

    Its a great idea….so great, it probably wont happen.

  4. awhayes Says:

    Nick – thought the same thing when I saw news about his coming release. He has been a bit of a moron the last few years (Tila Tequila etc) and he’s had several limiting injuries but it was just a few years ago that he was one of the most dominant LBs in the NFL. Even though you’re probably right, this will never happen, I would submit there is a tiny, tiny chance TT may already be thinking about this if only because the situation seems to mirror the Charles Woodson one of a few years ago.

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