Some class from the SF Giants


From time to time, I like to post good stories about good people – no matter the sport. I did not watch the Atlanta Braves/San Francisco Giants game last night but I read this morning about a class act by the San Francisco Giants. A few minutes after taking the series from the Braves in Atlanta – instead of celebrating wildly and partying like I’m sure they wanted to, the entire Giants team stopped for a few minutes to applaud Braves’ manager Bobby Cox who had come out of the dugout to say goodbye for the last time to the Atlanta crowd. Cox, who is retiring, had a tremendously successful career and has been a highly regarded baseball figure for years. He deserved special acknowledgment from Braves’ fans and also from the Giants.  Good for the Giants for stepping up here and paying tribute to a guy who deserved it – even if it did delay the party.

One Response to “Some class from the SF Giants”

  1. CindyV Says:

    To change the subject: The Saints just release Deshawn Wynn. The PAck could pick him up for help with the running game.

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